Dental Clinic

Location: Building 1900, 90 Vandenberg Dr.
Phone: 781-225-6789, Press 5
Records and Reception: 781-225-6324

All patients must present a valid military ID card upon checking in at the Records and Reception area.

Sick Call
The Dental Clinic does not accept walk-ins. During duty hours, call 781-225-6324 to schedule an appointment. For after-hours emergencies, call 781-225-6789 to reach the on-call dentist. Emergency dental needs include: uncontrolled pain, swelling, bleeding and trauma.

• Dental exams, x-rays and cleanings
• Fillings (metal and plastic)
• Crowns & Bridges
• Dentures (full and partial)
• Root Canals
• Oral Surgery (Including IV Sedation)
• Periodontal (Gum Disease) Treatment
• Limited Dental Implant Care
• Urgent and Emergent Dental Care
• Limited, Minor Orthodontic Care
• On-Site Dental Laboratory
• Off-Base Referral Network for Specialty Care Through the Active Duty Dental Plan (ADDP)
• Overseas clearance exams for dependent children and spouses

Population served: Active duty service members

Dental care for family members (spouses and children) is currently provided through MetLife.

If beneficiaries have questions, they can access customer service at 1-855-638-8371 or online at Also, if beneficiaries would like to check if their current dentist is part of MetLife’s network they can visit If the dentist is not a member, they can apply to become part of this network by visiting  

The Active Duty Dental Plan for active duty service members only has not changed and is still provided by United Concordia.

The dental care plan for retirees and their family members has not changed and is provided through Delta Dental of California TRICARE Dental Program or at your own cost.

Enrollment in any of the programs is not automatic. Call 1-877-TRICARE (874-2273)

All newcomers are encouraged to enroll online as soon as they transfer to Hanscom AFB.

(Updated October 2016)