Airman Safety App makes reporting hazards easy

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. – Members of the Hanscom community are now able to report safety issues, whether a hazard or mishap, through a web-based application developed by the Air Force Safety Center.

The application, called the Airman Safety App, is located at  

“Anyone, anywhere, with most any device can quickly and easily report safety-related problems involving Hanscom personnel, equipment or property,” said Shawn D. Rice, safety manager of the 66th Air Base Group Safety Office. “Reporting an issue is the first step to obtaining a solution for improvement.”
In addition to reporting a safety issue, the application allows users to initiate safety reports, as well as access tools and other information to make work centers safer.

“Healthy safety cultures report hazards,” said Maj. Gen. Andrew M. Mueller, Air Force chief of safety, in an AF Safety Center article announcing the creation of the tool. “Voluntary reporting has the potential to prevent serious injury and future mishaps.”

Hanscom safety officials encourage base personnel to report all safety issues.

“There are no limits on what individuals can report, because the most important thing is to report what they perceive as a hazard,” Rice said. “Part of the investigation process by the safety office will validate, or not validate, the concern.”

He added that the Airman Safety App allows users to provide their contact information for safety officials to follow up with a determination after the investigation, or ask seek additional details if needed.

Another feature allows users to locate safety program information such as policy, leadership endorsements, brochures, briefings and more.

Base personnel also have the option to report a hazard through HanscomNet, Hanscom’s intranet site, located at or by contacting the Safety Office at 781-225-5584.

Rice encourages individuals to call the Safety Office direct with any “extreme safety concerns.”

For further safety information, visit the Safety SharePoint page at