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I want to visit Hanscom. What do I need to do?

The Hanscom Visitor Control Center is located in Building 1617 adjacent to the Vandenberg Gate. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Visitor Control Center is closed on all federal holidays.

The Hanscom Visitor Control Center provides passes for short and long term visits (up to 30 days). All sponsors must direct their non-Department of Defense affiliated guests to the Hanscom Visitor Center, where the visitor can be verified and a pass issued. The Hanscom Visitor Center is also the focal point for functions and special events for guests who do not have DoD affiliation. Only valid DoD ID cardholders (active duty military, retirees, Reservists, National Guard and their family members or a civilian DoD employee) are authorized to sponsor visitors onto Hanscom AFB. Sponsors accept full responsibility for their visitor's conduct while on Hanscom AFB.

During Duty Hours:
Visitors must be identified by their sponsor (a valid DoD ID card holder) prior to arrival. Sponsors who wish to have a guest come on to Hanscom AFB will have the choice of either sending an email from a .mil or .gov account to Hanscom.Visitor@us.af.mil or go in person to the Hanscom Visitor Center with their guests' information. Sponsors are able to register their guests with the Visitor Center up to five days in advance. The sponsor must meet their visitor at the determined location given by the sponsor. The sponsor will need to provide the following information to the Visitor Center:

1. Sponsor's name, date of birth, organization, address and contact number
2. Visitor's name, both first and last
3. Expected length of the visit
4. Location of the visit

Sponsors should ensure their visitors have all the necessary information prior to their arrival. All visitors should know the sponsor's name, contact number and location to be visited. Failure to provide this information may cause delays and result in denial of entry to the installation.

The sponsor should also inform the visitor that they must have a valid state or government issued ID in their possession when they arrive. If the visitor will be driving a vehicle onto the installation, they must have a valid registration and proof of vehicle insurance. Vehicles registered in Massachusetts will have proof of insurance on the registration. Visitors with vehicles registered in other states must have a proof of insurance card or paper in their possession. Failure to present these documents will result in denial of vehicle entry to the installation.

Walk-In Visitor Access:
Walk-in visitors must provide a sponsor and contact number for the person they are visiting. Visitors who have not been pre-announced should expect delays. If the visitor is unable to contact the sponsor or the visitor center is unable to identify the sponsor as an authorized DoD ID card holder, the visitor will be denied entry.

After Duty Hours:
Sponsors who need to pre-announce a guest after 7 p.m. on weekdays and 5 p.m. on weekends will need to go in person to the Hartwell Gate. Sponsors will need to provide the same information listed above.

Organizations and Sponsors Hosting Special Events:
This procedure allows for expedited entry of guests attending special events hosted on Hanscom AFB. These events include weddings, large conferences and community meetings where visitors will remain on Hanscom AFB at the event location or with the sponsor for the duration of the event only (not more than 24 hours). Please be aware that while expedited entry onto Hanscom AFB is a matter of courtesy, installation security cannot be compromised for the sake of convenience.

Special event lists are those with 10 or more visitors and therefore requires the following:

1. A final event list must be approved by the 66 SFS Police Services Section no later than 72 hours prior to the event date. For example, if your event is scheduled for Jan. 9, Police Services must have the guest list by Jan. 6. If the event is scheduled on a weekend, we ask that you submit the final request 72 hours before the start of the weekend.

For events with 100 or more visitors, you must submit the list no later than five duty days prior to the event. Duty days are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and does not include weekends or holidays.

2. Event lists should only include those visitors who need access. If a visitor listed on your event list already has the proper credentials to get on base, such as a valid DoD ID card holder, they do not get placed on the list. If the party is less than 10, you will be required to contact the Visitor Control Center.

3. Event lists must be alphabetized by the visitor's last name, even if there are multiple visitors traveling in the same vehicle or have the same last name, they all must be listed separately. All event lists must include all visitors' full name and date of birth to ensure a proper background check can be accomplished (see example below).

4. Security Forces will accept guest lists via email only if the email is sent by a .mil or government email account to: Hanscom.Police.Services@us.af.mil. All others may bring their guest list to the 66th Security Forces Squadron, Building 1725, 2nd Floor, 130 Eglin St., Hanscom AFB, Police Services Section.

Do not email lists with more than 10 visitors to the Hanscom Visitor Center -- they will not be approved. They must be sent to and approved by the Police Services Section

A minimum of two sponsors are required for large events. Sponsors must be readily available by phone during the event to verify last minute arrivals. If the sponsor is expecting a distinguished visitor or VIP guest, the sponsor may be positioned at the gate at the sponsor's discretion. If a guest arrives, is not on the list and the sponsor cannot be contacted, the guest will be denied entry to the installation.

Click here for a guest list example.

For more information regarding the Hanscom Visitor Control Center and visiting procedures, please contact the 66th Security Forces Squadron, Police Services Section.

Contact Information:
66th Security Forces Squadron, Police Services
Comm: 781-225-5000
FAX: 781-225-2490

Hanscom Visitor Control Center
Comm: 781-225-6642 or 781-225-6643

Pass and Registration:
The visitor center should not be confused with the Pass and Registration office, which processes the long term passes and DBIDS in Building 1305, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call 781-225-1350 for questions concerning DBIDS card and long term pass approval.

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