Convalescent leave procedures

Step 1 - Obtain a copy of your procedure records from your off-base provider, ideally before your procedure. Your provider must include, at a minimum, your diagnosis and recommended duration of convalescent leave or duty limitations. You can download a convalescent leave request form here with all the required information.

 Step 2 - Provide the clinic your commander's name and a fax number for your commander or the commander support staff.

Step 3 - Contact your PCM by one of the following routes:

· Drop off the paperwork from your procedure to the clinic front desk during normal duty hours - this can also be accomplished by a friend, spouse or your wingman.

· Call the 66th Medical Squadron at 781-225-6789. Leave a telephone consult for your primary care manager then fax the paperwork from your procedure to 781-225-2585. 

· Message your provider through MiCare and attach the paperwork from your procedure.

Step 4 - Once received, your PCM will review the documentation and generate an Air Force Form 988 (leave form) with their recommendation by close of business.

Step 5 - Your PCM team will send the 988 to the fax number you provided for your commander/CSS. A courtesy email will also be sent to your commander notifying them that convalescent leave has been recommended.

Note: For convalescent leave requested prior to the surgery, the request will be processed once you notify us that the surgery has occurred.

For quarters: Please follow step 3 outlined above to get your PCM the recommendation from your emergency room or urgent care visit. Your PCM will review the documentation provided and forward a quarters recommendation to your commander through ASIMS.

(Updated October 2018)