Protect your family before it’s too late

  • Published
  • By Casualty Assistance Office

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. – Service members must take the time regularly to ensure their Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance and Record of Emergency Data are always updated to reflect their current circumstances.

The designations and information provided via these documents are binding and the military will carry them out as the member requested.

SGLI is paid to the designated beneficiary listed on the election form regardless of that person's current relationship to the insured service member. Has an Airmen remarried, recently divorced or had a child? All of these events could require an update to a member's SGLI beneficiary.

Likewise, these same events could drive the need for an update to Airmen’s virtual Record of Emergency Data. vRED is used to notify designated next-of-kin family members in the case of any emergency. This information ensures the Air Force will be able to notify family members of their status more efficiently. It also allows Airmen to instruct the Air Force on other matters should they pass away. Airmen can select who will be notified and that person’s address, who will receive unpaid salary and allowances; death gratuity; and determine the disposition of remains.

Keeping SGLI and vRED up to date is among an Airman’s most important responsibilities. It allows the Air Force family to take care of an Airman’s family in case of an emergency.

For further information, contact Rachel Desharnais, Hanscom’s casualty assistance representative at 781-225-2765.