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AFMC new vision, goals AFMC new vision, goals

AFMC new vision, goals

Strive for more agility, cost effectiveness
Early Warning Radar Early Warning Radar

Early Warning Radar

Hanscom awards $1 billion for Qatar’s new radar

Hanscom...the Air Force Base

At Hanscom Air Force Base, we acquire critical warfighting systems for the Air Force and our sister services. These systems provide the connectivity for and between our warfighters with items such as radar, communication and intelligence systems, command and operations centers and network infrastructure and cyber defense. It's critical work that helps our men and women in uniform prevail in battle and return home safely.

We also do a lot of other important things, but for the most part, we don't fly planes. More than 99 percent of the air traffic at the adjacent Hanscom Field is non-military. The Massachusetts Port Authority operates Hanscom Field, a civil airport that serves as a corporate reliever for Boston Logan International Airport. While both facilities share the "Hanscom" name, it's important to note: they're not us, and we're not them. For more information about Hanscom Field, visit them here.

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