Military Personnel Flight

For more information on common access cards, or CAC, as well as other DOD-issued ID cards, visit

The 66th Force Support Squadron, Military Personnel Flight customer support office is located on the first floor of the Brown Building, Building 1305. Hours of operation for the ID card section are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. For all other services, hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., The MPF is closed on federal holidays and Air Force Materiel Command Family Days.

Customers needing Common Access Cards, dependent and retiree identification cards should visit this office.

The following military assistance functions are conducted by the Military Personnel Flight and customers are asked to sign-in at the Customer  Support waiting area for these services: awards and decorations, separations, outbound assignments, career development and employments, changes in duty information and inprocessing. (The MPF's Installation Personnel Readiness is located in room 163.)

Identification credentials
All customers who are age 18 and older must have two, unexpired forms of ID to get a new ID card made. One of them must be a state or government issued photo ID. This applies to all customers.

Lost or stolen ID cards
Customers whose ID card was lost or stolen will need to have a letter from their Command Sponsoring Agency (command, case police, human resources) stating the ID card has been reported lost or stolen prior to receiving a new ID card. Customers will need two forms of identification in order to receive a new ID. The primary ID must be an unexpired photo ID.

Adding a spouse to DEERS
When adding a spouse to DEERS, the sponsor needs to bring the following documents for their spouse: marriage certificate, birth certificate, social security card and a photo ID. All documents must be originals or certified copies.

All marriages must be added to the DEERS system with both the sponsor and the new spouse present. If this is not possible, the sponsor will need to give power of attorney to their spouse. This will allow the spouse to enroll themselves into the DEERS database.

If the spouse is a foreign national, marriage certificate, valid passport and birth certificate in English translation are required.

Dependent ID cards
For dependent ID cards, the sponsor must be present to sign the DD Form 1172. If not available, the dependent must have a previously signed 1172 (within 90 days of signature) signed by their sponsor and the Verifying Official/Site Security Manager (VO/SSM) or a power of attorney. Call 781-225-1320 for further details.

Adding children to DEERS
When adding a child to DEERS, the sponsor must have the following documents for the child: birth certificate and social security card. For newborns only, the social security card does not need to be provided at the initial enrollment, but must be brought back into a DEERs station withing 90 days. If a stepchild is being added, the marriage certificate is also needed. Documents must be originals or certified copies.

Full time university and college students
All university and college students must bring a letter from their school registrar's office stating they are enrolled full time in an accredited school in pursuit of an associate's degree or higher; and two other forms of ID to have dependent benefits extended to age 23.

For all military identification cards, appropriate civilian attire is required for dependents, retired, USNS Mariners, DoD civilian personnel and contractors.

For the latest latest personnel information, visit the Air Force Personnel Center web page at  

For more information, call MPF customer support at 781-225-1320.

(Updated March 2023)