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If your question relates specifically to Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts, please see the questions below. If you have a question which is not addressed here, you may find your answer by visiting the Questions page of Air Force Materiel Command, or the Questions page of Air Force Link. For general military questions, please refer to the Department of Defense's FAQs page.


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When will the next Air Show take place at Hanscom Air Force Base?

At this time, there are no air shows scheduled to take place at Hanscom Air Force Base.

Quiet hours are established for privatized housing at Hanscom AFB. Sunday through Thursday, quiet hours will begin at 10 p.m. and conclude at 8 a.m. On Friday and Saturday, quiet hours will begin at midnight and conclude at 8 a.m. At all other times, residents living in on-base housing must control the volume of stereos, TVs and musical devices within their home so that they do not disturb others in housing.

This does not pertain to general base announcements or the playing of reveille, etc., by base officials.

How do I schedule a base tour? 

Currently, Hanscom AFB does not offer base tours.

I'm new to Hanscoom and want to carpool. Are there programs to assist me? 

Yes, Hanscom employees have access to a variety of programs designed to encourage carpooling and use of mass transit. 

There are two programs that MassRIDES encourage vanpoolers to sign up for, both provide free benefits to eligible employees.  One is Nuride and the other is Emergency Rides Home.  Both are run by Massachusetts Department of Transportation:

Ridematching and Travel Rewards

NuRide is MassRlDES' online tool that helps commuters find carpool matches and provides rewards for greener trips at no cost to the commuter.

Don't know who to carpool with? NuRide can help you find people that live and work near you and are interested in sharing the ride. Save on gas, split driving responsibilities and make new friends.

Commuters can start by taking a Sneak Peak to see if potential carpool or vanpool matches are nearby.  Once signed in, commuters can send messages to matches securely without giving out any personal information.

Already taking green trips? Sign-up for NuRide and begin logging to accrue points towards great rewards.  Do you take commuter rail to work or bike to a friend's house? These are green trips commuters should be logging into NuRide.

Once commuters begin to accrue points, use NuRide rewards towards restaurant coupons and discounts from local and national retailers. Interested in knowing the difference you make by traveling green? NuRide also provides measurements to calculate the money commuters have saved, the number of drive-alone trips commuters have reduced and commuter's positive environmental impact.

NuRide is the nation's largest rewards program for individuals who take green trips - walking, bicycling, carpooling, vanpooling, public transportation and even telecommuting are all green travel options.

ERH: Always There, Just in Case

As a registered member employees can be reimbursed for up to four trips per year via taxi or rental car, in the event of a personal or family emergency.

An ERH Emergency Defined:
· Unexpected personal illness or emergency
· Unexpected illness or emergency of a family member
· Your carpool or vanpool driver has an emergency

An ERH account rewards you for choosing to travel green and staying active. Create an account to begin to benefit from the ERH service or sign into your existing account to submit a new trip for reimbursement.

For additional information about MassRIDES' Emergency Ride Home program, please review our program guidelines.

Visit the new HanscomRIDES commuter SharePoint site:

For more information on these programs, call 781-225-6913 or 781-225-6150.

I'm interested in becoming a civil servant. How do I apply to work at Hanscom AFB? 

For a complete listing of federal government civilian employment opportunities, visit the USAJOBS website.  

How do I get to Hanscom AFB?

Directions to the Visitor Center:
Take Exit 30B off I-95/Rte 128, Hanscom Field Exit, go 1 1/2 miles to the blinking light, take a right, go 1/4 mile straight, bear right to Hanscom AFB, Sartain Gate, and check in at the visitor center.

The Sartain Gate is open 24-hours. 

The Visitors Center is open from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Visitors Center is closed on weekends and federal holidays. Visitor passes are available at the gate when the Visitor Center is closed.

The Commercial Vehicle Search Area is open Monday from 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. There is no commercial vehicles or deliveries on Sundays.

The Ruiz Gate is temporarily closed, but will open during peak traffic times.

After those hours, and with a valid ID card for base access, take Exit 31 B off I-95/Rte128. Exit to the right, and follow to the jughandle turn located just past the Massachusetts Army National Guard building on the right. Take the jughandle. This is Hartwell Ave. Follow Hartwell Ave. to the end, where you will reach the Ruiz Gate.

Directions to Hanscom From Logan International Airport (Boston): 
As you depart Logan Airport follow the signs to the Massachusetts Turnpike, I-90. I-90 will take you through the Ted Williams Tunnel ($3 toll). Stay on I-90 until you reach I-95/Rte 128. There will be $2 in tolls. Take I-95 North toward Peabody. From Rte I-95 proceed to Exit 30B (visitors/personnel with no DoD vehicle sticker) or Exit 31B (DoD stickers and ID cards). See above for further details. Logan Airport/Boston is approximately 25 miles from Hanscom.

From Points South: 
Take I-95 North or the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90 - a toll road) to I-95/128 North. Take either Exit 30B (Visitors) or Exit 31B (Note: Exit 31B is the only gate open past 10 p.m.)

How do I schedule a guest speaker for my organization?

The 66th Air Base Group Public Affairs Office has a Speakers Bureau, which is used to fill various speaker requests from schools, civic organizations, etc.

To request a speaker for your next event please fill out a Speakers Bureau Request Form and follow the email or fax instructions outlined at the top of the form.


Can we have a reception in the chapel? 

Normally, wedding receptions may not be held in the chapel facility. If the couple being married is part of the chapel community and opens the wedding to the entire congregation, a fellowship time may be permitted. Hanscom's Minuteman Commons, however, offers a banquet hall for couples interested in holding a reception on base. For more information on wedding receptions at the Commons or to make a reservation, visit or call (781) 225-6501. 


Do we need a Wedding Coordinator? 

A chapel approved wedding coordinator is required. Chapel approved wedding coordinators are familiar with all of the requirements necessary to conduct weddings in the Hanscom AFB Chapel. They have a working knowledge of the chapel's sound system, available equipment (kneelers, religious articles) and other items used during the ceremony. The chaplain will assist you in obtaining the services of a wedding coordinator at the time you make your reservation. Fees paid to the wedding coordinator are the responsibility of the bride and groom (fees vary according to your needs). They are not employees of the chapel. 


Who can reserve the chapel for a wedding?

Anyone possessing a valid military identification card (active duty, active duty dependents, retired military and active reserve). Department of Defense civilian employees of Hanscom AFB are also authorized. Interested individuals are asked to call the chapel office for more specific information. Couples desiring to be married in the Hanscom Base Chapel must obtain a valid Massachusetts marriage license. 

For more information, contact the Hanscom Chapel at 781-225-5501.

How do I submit a classified add?

Hanscom-affiliated military and civilian personnel, as well as military retirees are eligible to place free classified advertisements, consisting of 80 characters or less, in the Hansconian to run for two weeks at a time. 

The process of placing a free classified has recently changed.
 Military and civilian personnel interested in placing a free classified advertisement in the Hansconian must call Community Newspaper Company at 800-894-5141; normal fees will apply for advertisements placed through other Community Newspaper Company advertisement lines. 

These free ads are for personal items only. Any ads for business or rental items will be rejected. If you would like to place a paid ad for your business or rental item, call (781) 433-7940. To place a display ad, call (978) 371-5702. 

I'm trying to reach an organization on base. Can you provide me with a phone number?

Quick Reference Phone Listing

Visitor Center: 781-225-6642 or 781-225-6643

66th Medical Squadron: 781-225-6789

Legal Office: 781-225-1410

Military Personnel Section: 781-225-1320

Housing Office: 781-225-5640 or 781-225-5638

I'm visiting the Hanscom area. Is there a place I can stay on base?

Yes, the Hanscom Inn is located on base. For further information, call 781-225-4444 or visit the Lodging web page.

Who do I talk to about the noise from aircraft flying out of Hanscom? 

Aircraft noise complaints should be directed to MassPort at (781) 869-8050.

Do I need to register my weapons with Security Forces if I live on base?

All housing residents must register firearms with an AF Form 1314, Firearms Receipt and complete DD Form 2760, Qualification to Possess Firearms or Ammunition with the 66 Security Forces Squadron Community Policing Section. You can find these forms on the main page under the forms link. Once you complete the forms, email them to

For further information or questions involving privately owned weapons, call 781-225-5605 or email the NCO in charge for Access & Visitors/Community Policing at

I would like to host visitors to Hanscom. What do I need to do?

While entering base is a daily routine for those working here, having a friend or family member visit may take some coordination.

All Department of Defense ID card holders are eligible to sponsor visitors (ages 18 and older) onto the installation. 

This can be accomplished by meeting your guest at the Visitor Control Center (VCC) to obtain a visitors pass not to exceed 30 days. If the visitors center is closed, credential holders will sponsor their guest on by giving the Security Forces Member at the gate the person’s ID that they want to sponsor on. The SF sentry will produce a visitors pass then. 

Each guest will need a valid photo identification such as a driver's license, passport or state issued identification card for the VCC clerk to conduct a National Criminal Identification Check before being issued a pass. The guest will also need to show valid proof of vehicle registration and auto insurance if they are going to drive their vehicle onto the installation. When the VCC is closed, visitors can have a pass issued from the Ruiz Gate (former Hartwell Gate) with a sponsor present.

Prior to visiting Hanscom AFB, visitors are encouraged to pre-enroll through the Defense Biometric Identification System website at!/.  After the visitor enters their information, they are to print the barcode and bring it to the visitor center. This does not exclude the need for the sponsor to come to the visitor center, but does speed up the visitor pass process

Special Events

Personnel that are eligible to sponsor may also file a special event request for 10 or more guests with the Police Services Section. Special event requests must be emailed from a .mil or a .gov account, they may also be hand delivered to the Police Services Section at the 66th Security Forces Squadron, Building 1725.

Special Events must be submitted at a minimum 72 hours before the event. All individuals will have a background check before access to the installation will be granted. Guest information includes the individual’s full name, date of birth, last for of their social security number, driver’s license number and state, and whether or not they are a U.S. citizen or not.

Find the 'Special Event Template' form on the main page under the forms section and complete. Once complete, email it to

For questions on visitor passes and special event requests, contact Police Services Section at 781-225-5605 or the VCC at 781-225-6642.