2007 Combined Federal Campaign launches at Hanscom

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Felisa M. Dyrud
  • 66th Mission Support Group CFC representative
This year's Combined Federal Campaign takes on new flavor at Hanscom with poster publicity focused on the impact of small sacrifices, such as drinking one less gourmet caffeinated beverage each week. (1 less Latte per Week = $3...) Instead, we can harness those resources, significant when multiplied over time, for causes that truly change the world. (...X 52 Weeks = $156 to CFC this year.) 

CFC is unique. It is the only time charitable solicitation of federal employees in the workplace is authorized; all contributions are strictly voluntary. Federal employees can contribute with a payroll deduction or one-time cash or check donation. Contributions are tax deductible and will begin in January if the payroll deduction is used. 

The CFC booklet has hundreds of local, national and international charities. Charities have contact information and Web site information next to their descriptions, along with the percentage of administrative expenses that come out of each donation. 

This year's goal for Hanscom as a whole is $262,000; wings are pitted against each other in competition toward reaching the common goal. The campaign begins Oct. 3 and will run through Nov. 16. Opportunities to donate will be plentiful; besides the efforts of volunteers in each squadron, group and wing to facilitate giving, fundraisers will be held by individual units. 

At the Sept. 26 CFC kick-off, held on the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Escanaba, representatives and leaders from various federal organizations gathered to launch the campaign in Eastern Massachusetts. Electronic Systems Center Vice Commander Maj. Gen. Art Rooney attended the ceremonies, accompanied by key workers from Hanscom. The remarks of Jarrett Barrios, President of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mass., and former Massachusetts State Senator, were particularly passionate, as he spoke of the commitment of the local charities present and the difference they are making in Boston-area communities. 

The beauty of the campaign is that there is something in the massive CFC booklet of charitable organizations that touches every life. "You can give to anything you want to, from aliens to orphans," said Capt. Tom Piña, 350th Electronic Systems Wing CFC representative. For Staff Sgt. Angelina Wilkerson, 66th Mission Support Squadron, it is the Association for Diabetes Research that she gives to each year. "My Mom has diabetes so that touches me personally," she said, "but there is something in there for everyone -- absolutely." 

Giving is a usually matter of perspective. "Americans are rich. Even at our worst, we are in the top one percent the wealthiest people in the world," said Capt. Andrew Dorn, CFC Representative for Hanscom. "We can give up that latte to save a life." 

For questions or donations see your unit representative: 

- Hanscom Representative: Capt. Andrew Dorn: (781) 377-0554
- 66th Air Base Wing: 2nd Lt. Joshua Vasquez: (781) 377-6581
- 350th Electronic Systems Wing: Capt. Tom Piña: (781) 377-9207
- 551st Electronic Systems Wing: Capt. Katherine Stowe: (781) 377-6929
- 554th Electronic Systems Wing: Tech. Sgt. Robert Madura: (781) 3772315
- 653rd Electronic Systems Wing: Capt. Spencer Boone: (781) 377-2772
- Electronic Systems Center Staff: Capt. Jodell DeReus: (781) 377-3588
- Air Force Research Laboratory: 2nd Lt. Dan Elsner: (781) 377-9971
- 46th Test Squadron: 2nd Lt. Rebekah Guillen: (781) 377-2386