Patriot of the Week


Patriot of the Week Name and Rank: Capt. Alan S. Olejnik

Duty Title: Lead test engineer

Duty Section: Battle Management Directorate

Hometown: Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Why I serve: Serving in the military is an uncommon experience. Every day, like-minded people who constantly try to encourage, inspire and challenge those around them surround me. We are a team. This environment gives me a unique sense of purpose because each of my peers is striving to achieve something for the greater good in the noble pursuit of defending our country.

Best Air Force memory: I have a lot of great memories in the Air Force, but one of the coolest would have to be the first time I soloed in a T-38C fighter trainer. It’s like flying in a seat that is strapped to a mini controlled rocket—this was a surreal experience of freedom and peace.

Supervisors' comments: Capt. Alan Olejnik is a pinnacle asset to our team. He leads the test management efforts with our two programs between stakeholders and synchronizes the support from Department of Defense organizations, Federal Aviation Administration and prime contractors. Additionally, he ensures that both test and evaluation programs are directed properly in their development for the warfighter. His charisma and well-rounded personality adds a spark of contagious enthusiasm in our office. (George Sherman)