66th Logistics Readiness Squadron Materiel and Fuels Management Flight

66th Logistics Readiness Squadron Materiel and Fuels Management Flight

Equips, supplies, and provides Hanscom AFB host and tenant units with “Top Customer Care” and reliable supplies, equipment, fuels, and munitions to support all mission requirements, deploy “Warfighters,” and defend our installation and Geographically Separated Units across New England and Eastern New York State.  

Services Provided:

Requisition supplies and equipment for customers
Coordinate equipment deployment through the Cargo Management Section
Conduct annual organizational visits of equipment accounts
Approve customer government purchase card requests for hazardous materials
Provide ESSOH-MIS labels for hazardous materials
Provide equipment custodian training
Conduct sizing of individual protective equipment
Requisition and outfit personnel for deployment
Issue small arms/light weapons for training and deployment
Provide munition custody account custodial training
Oversee munition forecasts, allocation dispersal, requisition, receipt, issue, and inspections
Provide courtesy storage of munitions
Provide 24/7 fuels services via automated fuels service station
Conduct daily fuels accountability processes
Deliver diesel fuel to emergency generators on and off the installation
Requisition heating oil products for customers
Assist with disposal of excess, obsolete, and unserviceable supplies and equipment
Schedule shipments of excess, obsolete, and unserviceable supplies and equipment

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Materiel Management

25 Randolph Road, Building 1110

Material Management email:  66/lrs.lgrm@us.af.mil

Munitions Management

Munitions Management Section email: hancom.FV2835@us.af.mil

Fuels Management

70 Chennault Street, Building 1642

Fuels Management Section email: 66LRS.LGRF.Workflow@us.af.mil

Reports of Survey

Reports of survey email: 66LRS_ReportofSurvey@us.af.mil

Key Personnel

Flight Chief: 781-225-6488

Assistant Flight Chief: 781-225-6487

Customer Support Section

Receives, ships, stores, inspects, inventories, and manages all supplies, equipment, and Small Arms/Light Weapons (SA/LW) issued for mission success.  Conducts annual visits to equipment accounts to assess units management of equipment issued to 72 custody accounts.  Manages Report of Survey Program to investigate loss of Air Force property.  Assists units with disposition and shipment of excess, obsolete, and unserviceable supplies and equipment destined for the Defense Logistics Agency for reutilization.

Customer Support Liaison Element

Email: 66LRS.LGRM.CustomerService@us.af.mil

Equipment Management Element

Email: 66lrs.lgrmce.equipmentManagement@us.af.mil

Asset Management Section 

Receives, ships, stores, inspects, maintains, inventories, and issues all Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) to include Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN), deployment clothing, combat gear, Small Arms/Light Weapons, and weapons accessories.  Receives, inventories, stores, and provides labels for all Hazardous Materiel’s (HAZMAT) received on the installation.

Email: 66LRS.Mobility.Supply@us.af.mil

Individual protective equipment sizing: Walk-in hours of operation are Tuesdays from 8 to 10 a.m. in Building 1152

Deployment Equipment Sizing and Issue: Upon receipt of tasking, immediately schedule one-on-one appointment via email at 66LRS.Mobility_Supply@us.af.mil

Munitions Management Section

Receives, ships, stores, inspects, maintains, issues, and inventories all Airbase Ground Defense ammunition stocks used to defense and training missions utilized by the 66th Security Forces Squadron, Office of Special Investigation, and Honor Guard units located on Hanscom AFB and Cape Cod Space Force Station, Mass., New Boston Space Force Station, New Hampshire, Rome Laboratories and Niagara OSI in New York.

Email: Hanscom.FV2835@us.af.mil

Fuels Management Section

Operates 24/7 Automated Fuels Service Station and receives, stores, inspects, maintains, issues, and inventories all ground fuels utilized to heat facilities and operate vehicles on Hanscom AFB, Cape Cod Space Force Station, New Boston Space Force Station and Sagamore Hill in Hamilton Mass.

Email: 66LRS.LGRF.Workflow@us.af.mil

Materiel Management Publications

AFI 23-101, Materiel Management Policy

AFI 23-111, Management of Government Property in Possession of the Air Force

AFMAN 23-122, Materiel Management Procedures

ABGI 23-201, Precious Metal Recovery Program

AF ROS Guide, Air Force Report of Survey (ROS) Guidance 2 November 2020 Version 2.0

DoDFMR 7000.14-R Volume 12, Chapter 7, Financial Management Regulation

Munitions Management Publications

DESR6055.09_AFMAN 91-201, Explosives Safety Standards

DAFMAN 21-201, Munitions Management

ABGI 91-201, Ammunition and Explosives Program

AFMAN 21-209, Ground Munitions

Fuels Management Publications

AFI 23-201, Fuels Management

ABGI 23-201, Fuels Management

AFI 23-204, Organizational Fuel Tanks

Useful Links

Reports of Survey (ROS) Policy and Guide (CAC-enabled): Air Force policy and guidance to research and investigate ROS investigations for loss, damage, or destruction of property and determine if it was attributable to a member’s negligence or abuse. 

Web Federal Logistics Information System provides capability to conduct research for stock listed supplies and equipment.

Property Turn-In Toolbox provides guidance for proper turn-in of excess, obsolete, unserviceable, and scrap supplies, equipment and materials.

Defense Logistics Agency Business Portal provides capability to prepare and submit electronic turn-in documents for disposition of excess, obsolete, unserviceable, and scrap supplies, equipment and materials.

DLA Defense Disposition Services Transportation Scheduler provides capability to schedule shipments of excess, obsolete, unserviceable, and scrap supplies, equipment and materials for transportation to DLA reutilization centers.

Special Packaging Instructions Retrieval & Exchange is designed to facilitate proper packaging of weapon system serviceable and repairable spare parts for the warfighters who prepare cargo for worldwide movement.