School communication and cancellation procedures

The winter months bring harsh weather to Hanscom and, at times, inclement weather results in school closings and delays. The following information will help Hanscom families know what to do if Hanscom or Bedford schools are closed or delayed.

Hanscom Preschool, Hanscom Primary, Hanscom Middle, and Bedford High School have systems in place to notify parents of early dismissals, delayed openings and school closures. During snow emergencies, parents should not call the school to check on cancellations unless absolutely necessary. It's imperative the phone lines are open for emergency communications.

Parents are urged to exercise their own best judgment regarding children's safety and not send children to school in bad weather if they believe travel is dangerous. Parents should review the school's absentee policy.

If emergency information has changed, it is the responsibility of the parent to contact the school with all updates, including who can pick up the child in case of emergency when a parent is not available.

Hanscom Primary and Middle Schools
The two Hanscom schools are part of Lincoln Public Schools and rely primarily on email and a phone messaging service to deliver information about emergencies, school cancellations and other urgent announcements. Automated phone messages are sent to home, office and mobile phone numbers provided by parents. Email messages are also automatically sent to each of the email addresses in student records

In the event that school is canceled or delayed for any reason, information about the school schedule will be broadcast via the district's automated phone and electronic mail systems. Information will also be posted on the district website and on local TV channels.

In rare circumstances, weather conditions become so severe that safe practice requires the schools to send children home during the school day. Despite the unlikelihood of such an event, parents should plan with their children for such occasions and inform the school in writing their plan if there is an early.

In addition, parents should take time now to discuss these plans with their children to make sure the children know who can be called in an emergency if the parents cannot be reached. Early dismissal information will be communicated via the district's automated phone and electronic mail systems.

In the event that school is closed due to inclement weather, all after-school activities and evening events will also be canceled. This includes athletics, theater productions, school clubs and instrumental music lessons.

Bedford High School
Bedford Public Schools broadcast emergency messages using a number of media. General emergency messages and early and late school openings and closings can be found on the school system's public web home page, as well as through the local media. Parents are encouraged to check the Bedford Public Schools' web page at or to listen to the radio or television.

Information will be posted to local television channels.

(Updated November 2023)