Staggered release plan

A staggered release of employees is initiated by the installation commander if, during normal duty hours, an event such as a major storm threatens Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts. A staggered release is intended to maximize the safety of employees and minimize traffic congestion using the following release schedule and zones.

Zone One -- Employees who live more than 30 miles from Hanscom: immediate release.

Zone Two -- Employees who live within 15 to 30 miles of Hanscom: release 1/2 hour after Zone One.

Zone Three -- Employees living within 15 miles of Hanscom: release one hour after Zone One.

It is important to note that the staggered release plan is not intended to preclude any employee's right to request and be granted approved absence, such as annual leave, during inclement weather. Supervisors are encouraged to grant leave liberally during inclement weather conditions.

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(Updated November 2023)