Making plans for winter weather

The 66th Civil Engineer Division is responsible for snow and ice removal from base streets, sidewalks and parking areas, excluding housing, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and Hanscom schools. 66th Civil Engineer Division base snow and ice removal responsibilities are accomplished by priority as identified in the 66th Air Base Group Snow and Ice Control Plan.

Priority one consists of the main base roads, first responder parking lots and other facilities such as the Child Development Center and School Age Facility.

Priority two includes parking lots for administration buildings and the Fitness and Sports Center parking lot.

Priority three consists of all other base parking areas.

The balance of the common sidewalks on base makes up priority four.

More specific details are contained in the 66th Air Base Group Snow and Ice Control Plan.

Hunt Military Communities is responsible for snow removal in base family housing. Family housing's priority orders are: streets, parking areas and common area walkways.

Base housing residents are required to ensure timely (within 24 hours) removal of snow and ice from vehicle parking spaces and walkways within 50 feet of their unit.

Housing maintenance will perform walkway clearing of vacant units, community and neighborhood centers and for those residents with spouses on deployment. Residents should contact the Hunt Military Communities leasing office at 781-861-5062 to let them know of any special circumstances.

Housing occupants are required to clear an area for trash receptacles. Receptacles will not be permitted to sit on top of snow banks or on streets and drives.

During periods of absence for leave, temporary duty assignments or other occasions, base housing occupants are expected to arrange for their sidewalks, driveways and other areas of responsibility to be cleared of snow and ice. Residents must also plan ahead and not leave vehicles parked on the street during winter months.

Hunt Military Communities will post signs at the entrances to family housing when snow removal operations are pending. These signs will state: "No On-Street Parking." There will also be a red flashing light at the entryway. During these periods residents are required to park in their designated parking area or an overflow parking lot.

Residents are advised to play it safe and watch the weather forecasts or if they see snow falling, to move their vehicles off the street.

Every storm is unique in the amount and type of precipitation, the temperatures during and after the storm and the day and time the storm begins. These factors present a real challenge for all involved to provide the most consistent and efficient snow removal for Hanscom.

To ensure the quickest resolution to any snow and ice removal issues, facility managers are asked to report issues with their facility by calling the CE Customer Service Section at 781-225-2990.

All base personnel are asked to plan ahead and use the long-term parking lot at Building 1604 overflow parking lot marked with signage, if they will be away for temporary duty assignments. Cars left in building parking lots significantly hamper snow removal operations.

Base facility managers should be aware of impending storms and make necessary preparations for their facility. At the beginning of the season, ensure ice melt is available for walkways. Ice melt is available at the CE U-Fix-It Store, Building 1834, or by calling 781-225-6518. During snow and ice events, facility managers should ensure interior floors are free of slip hazards. In addition, facility managers are asked to assist civil engineering snow removal by coordinating the movement of vehicles to improve access for snow removal in parking lots. Contact CE customer service at 781-225-2990 to coordinate special requirements.

Be sure to check out other articles to learn more about the staggered release plan, inclement weather leave policy and a 24-hour emergency weather phone line, 781-225-COLD (2653), which provides up-to-date information on inclement weather, notice of base closure or delays and the current street conditions.

The Hanscom Primary and Middle Schools status is not reflected on the COLD line. Consult Lincoln Public Schools information for Hanscom School updates at  

Any issues regarding base snow removal can be addressed by calling 781-225-2990. For housing area snow removal information, call Hunt Military Communities at 781-861-5062.

(Updated November 2023)