Privately Owned Firearms

Privately Owned Firearms Procedures

Application for Non-resident Temporary License to Carry Firearms

All personnel residing on base in dormitories, Visiting Officers' Quarters (VOQ), Visiting Airmen Quarters (VAQ) and the Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF) are not authorized to store firearms, munitions or dangerous weapons in those facilities. Additionally, all personnel are required to store privately owned firearms in the Security Forces Armory, Building 1725, immediately after arriving on the installation.

Personnel living in base housing may retain their privately owned firearms at their residence after properly registering those firearms through the 66th Security Forces Police Services section. Personnel possessing or intending to possess privately owned firearms must be knowledgeable of and in compliance with Massachusetts law.

Personnel assigned to Hanscom Air Force Base, or living on or within Hanscom with a permanent address outside the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, who do not have a license from another state, may apply for a non-resident card. The non-resident card is mandatory for purposes of purchasing, possessing or carrying firearms while off the installation. People living in base housing may retain their privately owned firearms in their quarters and are required to register them with Police Services.

Firearms brought on the base must be identified to the on-duty entry controller with an explanation of the intended use and destination. Firearms must be unloaded and not concealed or left unattended. They will be transported in the trunk of the vehicle by the most direct route to and from the area where they will be used. If the vehicle does not have a trunk, the firearms will be transported inside the vehicle, but not concealed. The firearms and the ammunition will be kept separate from each other. Privately owned firearms will not be transported on motorcycles, bicycles or any other two- or three-wheeled vehicles.

Transportation or carrying privately owned firearms or firearms on and within Hanscom AFB is prohibited except to register or store firearms(s) at the armory.

For further information on procedures and policy at Hanscom AFB for privately owned firearms refer to "Hanscom AFB Privately Owned Firearms Procedures" attachment.

(Updated April 2019)