AFMC Civic Leader Program members recognized for outstanding service

  • Published
  • By Steven Przyzycki
  • Air Force Materiel Command

Civic leaders play a key role in the support of military organizations in communities across the globe.

The service and commitment of Air Force Materiel Command civic leaders were recognized during a Civic Leader Program Emeritus and Induction Ceremony, April 4, at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. The event also served as an opportunity to welcome new CLP members to the command.

The Commander’s Award for Public Service was presented by Gen. Duke Z. Richardson, AFMC commander, to the seven individuals transitioning to emeritus status. It is the highest public service award bestowed to private citizens at the Air Force major command level. Civic leaders who transition to emeritus status continue to serve as advocates for their local base communities, however they do not actively participate in all AFMC CLP engagements.  Only three graduating civic leaders were present during the ceremony, but all seven will receive their award at an appropriate time in the future.

“To all of you, thank you,” said Richardson as he addressed the award recipients. “What we do is a team sport, and we could not do this without you. You have been true advocates and key partners in helping us address issues such as spouse employment and licensure, access to health care, improved education opportunities, small business connections, Airmen and family morale, and so much more.”

The AFMC Civic Leader Program helps facilitate information sharing between command senior leaders and the public. Through the program, community leaders provide insights and advice to senior leadership on matters relating to public issues involving the Department of the Air Force and its operations. In turn, these community leaders share information about the command’s roles, objectives, and major programs with stakeholders through engagements, speeches, and personal contacts.  

As their tenure as civic leaders came to an end, CLP members expressed gratitude for having had the opportunity to serve AFMC.

"I am so grateful for my time serving in the AFMC Civic Leader Program,” said Chrissy Miner, who represents Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. “The opportunity to engage with senior defense officials along with fellow community leaders reinforced the value of an informed stakeholder base and the positive impact from leveraging unique and diverse expertise to tackle challenges faced by our defense communities.”

In addition, the command’s longest serving civic leader offered a few words for the audience.  

“Since the AFMC Civic Leader Program began in 2001, every member has welcomed the opportunity to help AFMC maintain in perpetuity its mission to continue empowering the world’s greatest Air Force,” said Dr. Peter Kay, representing Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. “Every current and past member has had thought-provoking experiences with conflicts fought during their lifetimes, and each of us feels that being selected to serve on the CLP is one of the biggest honors of our lives.”

As CLP members transition into emeritus status, it creates the opportunity for new individuals to represent their installations as members of the headquarters program.

The ceremony welcomed six new community leaders who will represent the 78th Air Base Wing, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia; 412thTest Wing, Edwards Air Force Base, California; 96th Test Wing, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida; 66th Air Base Group, Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts; and 88th Air Base Wing, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

“I am honored to have been selected to serve as an AFMC Civic Leader,” said Neko Stubblefield who will represent the 96th Test Wing. “I look forward to my participation in the program and continuing my advocacy in our local community to help strengthen partnerships between our community and senior command leadership.”

The event concluded with some advice from Richardson to leaders from across the command who were in attendance as part of the command’s semi-annual Senior Leadership Conference.

“To the commanders out there, if you don’t know your civic leaders, please get to know them,” said Richardson. “They are a dedicated, selfless group of people. Tonight’s a perfect opportunity to start a new relationship.”

AFMC Emeritus Civic Leader Program members

  • Dr. Ivan Allen, Robins AFB
  • Dr. Peter Kay, Wright-Patterson AFB
  • Jewel Lee Kenley, Hill AFB
  • Marian McBryde, Eglin AFB
  • Chrissy Miner, Robins AFB
  • Dr. Les Uhazy, Edwards AFB
  • Tom Weil, Edwards AFB

Newly-Inducted AFMC Civic Leader Program members

  • April Bragg, Robins AFB
  • Dr. Julie Chen, Hanscom AFB
  • Dr. Penny Elkins, Robins AFB
  • Luis Garibay, Edwards AFB

  • Neko Stubblefield, Eglin AFB

  • David Taylor, Wright Patterson AFB