AFMC releases white paper on Digital Materiel Management

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  • Air Force Materiel Command

The Air Force Materiel Command released information on its new approach to accelerating the acquisition materiel lifecycle to meet Air Force and AFMC strategic objectives. 

A white paper, titled Digital Materiel Management: An Accelerated Future State, outlines the command’s intent, from invention to modification, by using the power of models, data, and infrastructure. This approach enables an accelerated and synchronized delivery of integrated capabilities. By replacing outdated processes, fostering digital collaboration, and adopting enterprise DMM capabilities, AFMC intends to surpass adversarial pace in fielding, sustainment, and modernization efforts.

With DMM, models replace documents, structured data replaces fragmented information, and digital collaboration breaks down traditional decision-making silos.

To achieve DMM's potential, AFMC is implementing six key initiatives and dedicating resources to them to drive change.  The initiatives are:

  • Structuring and securing data
  • Modernizing IT infrastructure
  • Providing access to DMM tools
  • Training the digital workforce
  • Instilling a digital-first culture
  • Developing digital strategies

According to the white paper, DMM offers the opportunity to unleash a fully empowered digital workforce and foster unprecedented collaboration between industry and government. With a focus on models, data, and infrastructure, DMM promises to revolutionize the materiel management cycle and ensure the US remains at the forefront of warfighting capability.

The white paper can be viewed at