66 SFS offers back to school social media safety tips

  • Published
  • By Mark Herlihy
  • 66th Air Base Group Public Affairs

As families prepare for a new school year, officials from the 66th Security Forces Squadron are offering best social media practices to help keep children safe.

While many parents post back to school photos of their children to their favorite social media platforms, officials say it is important to consider what information is being made public.

“If you put your child’s information out there on social media, it may not be just your friends and family that view it,” said Senior Airman Andrew Whitaker, 66 SFS patrolman.

While social media security settings may limit some from viewing an entry, Whitaker said there is no way to ensure that others who can see or share the posts have similar security measures in place.

According to defenders, personal information parents should not include on social media posts or display in photos include the following:

  • A child’s school name.
  • A child’s teacher’s name.
  • Street signs, house numbers or other identifiable landmarks that could disclose location.

“These small details can be put together to create a profile of a child, or used to locate them, which could possibly put your child in danger,” said Whitaker.

Outside of social media, Hanscom AFB Security Forces recommend parents and guardians ensure their children have a backup plan in case their normal route to school is unavailable.

“If possible, before the school year starts, bring your children to their school and make sure that they feel comfortable and understand how to get to and from school safely, and have a plan to contact a family member if needed,” said Whitaker.

Whether a child walks, is driven, or takes a bus to school, ensure they are aware of vehicles, or other possible issues they may encounter to and from school.

Whitaker also suggested children walk only with someone they trust.

For additional information on back to school safety, the National Safety Council offers a checklist on their website for parents and guardians to use as a guide when preparing for the school year.

For further information related to Hanscom AFB back to school safety, contact SFS at 781-225-5000.