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ESC to recognize top performers at awards banquet March 2

Feb. 22, 2007 -- Electronic Systems Center will honor the best of the best at the ESC Annual Awards Banquet March 2 at the Minuteman Club.

Guest speaker for the event is former Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Bob Gaylor, who served in that position from 1977 to 1979, the fifth individual to serve in the Air Force's top enlisted position. Entertainment will be provided by the Band of Liberty, which has been working on a special show for the evening.

A limited amount of tickets are still available for the awards, which will recognize top performers from all five ESC wings, as well as from the ESC Staff, the 38th Engineering Installation Group at Tinker AFB, Okla., and the Cryptologic Systems Group at Lackland AFB, Texas.

Cost for the banquet is $25 for club members and $27 for non-members. Attendees can choose either New England Baked Schrod or Grilled New York Sirloin as the main entrée.

"We have an exceptional group of nominees from across ESC, and each and every one of them is deserving of recognition. We also have a first-class speaker in Chief Gaylor." said ESC Vice Commander Maj. Gen. Arthur Rooney. "You won't want to miss this opportunity to celebrate the many accomplishments of the members of Team ESC as well as hear inspiring words from a great former Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force."
Tickets are almost sold out. People interested in attending should contact their wing ticket representative by noon tomorrow.

Nominees for the annual awards are:

Airman Category
A1C Benjamin Schweikhardt - 554 ELSW
Senior Amn. Nathan Lembke - 653 ELSW
Senior Amn. Nader Matinnia - 350 ELSW
Senior Amn. Yungi Harris - 66 ABW
Senior Amn. Ramona Lovio - CPSG
Senior Amn. Kyle Preston - ESC Center Staff

NCO Category
TSgt. Robert Laufer - 554 ELSW
SSgt. Nathan Layton - 551 ELSW
SSgt. Patrick Raass - 653 ELSW
TSgt. Timothy King - 350 ELSW
SSgt. Georgette Jackson - 66 ABW
TSgt. Caroline Schmitzer - CPSG
TSgt. David Dell - ESC Center Staff

Senior NCO Category
SMSgt. Ralph Bailey - 554 ELSW
SMSgt. Joseph Fulkerson - 551 ELSW
SMSgt. Michael Santillo - 653 ELSW
SMSgt. Woodrow Carter - 66 ABW
SMSgt. Steven Mahler -CPSG
SMSgt. Robert Greene - ESC Center Staff
SMSgt. Cassandra Crawford-Bice - 350 ELSW

Company Grade Officer Category
Capt. Kevin Dewever - 554 ELSW
First Lt. William Tierney - 551 ELSW
Capt. Chantel Knapp - 653 ELSW
Capt. Mathew Fontinel - 350 ELSW
Capt. Rochelle Smith - 66 ABW
Capt. Amanda Stevens - CPSG
Capt. Robert Caridad - ESC Center Staff

Field Grade Officer Category
Maj. Andrew Nicklas - 554 ELSW
Maj. John Odum - 551 ELSW
Lt. Col. Brent Baxter - 653 ELSW
Lt. Col. Brian Ruhm - 350 ELSW
Maj. Robin Giaconia - 66 ABW

Civilian Category I
Adam Long - 554 ELSW
Nancy Pilon - 551 ELSW
Marilyn Cagnon - 653RD
Susan Cascalheira - 66 ABW
Laura Gonzalez - CPSG
Amy Byars - 38 EIG
Stephanie Klein - ESC Center Staff
Jennifer Blazer-Phillips - 350 ELSW

Civilian Category II
Kenneth Carter - 554 ELSW
Kimberly Lindo - 551 ELSW
Michael Paynor - 653 ELSW
Holly Beavers - 350 ELSW
Lynn O'Connor - 66 ABW
Leonard Denbina - CPSG
Elizabeth D'Amato - ESC Center Staff
Bobby Ray Meadows - 38 EIG

Civilian Category III
Susan Kirkland - 554 ELSW
Felma Robertson - CPSG
Kari Perez - ESC Center Staff
David Van Steenburg - 66 ABW
Joseph Pianese - 350 ELSW
Janette Sylvian - 551 ELSW
Darin Leahy - 653 ELSW

First Sergeant Category
SMSgt. Shawn Edwards
MSgt. Robert Barrett
MSgt. Rita Felton

Individual Mobilization Augmentee Category - Officer
Maj. Chris Yalanis - 350 ELSW

Individual Mobilization Augmentee Category - Enlisted
SSgt. Kyle Latulippe - 66 ABW