Straight Talk: Preparing for transition

  • Published
  • By Col. Lester A. Weilacher
  • 66th Air Base Group commander
We all play a part in taking care of Hanscom and I want to thank everyone, especially our mission partners across the base, for the tremendous work you've done in sprucing up your areas to improve base appearance. This work will pay off as we welcome Air Force Materiel Command leadership and a wide range of distinguished visitors on Monday.

It also provides us with a good baseline going forward. Team Hanscom does important work and I want every visitor to understand we are committed to excellence in all we do.

As we transition to the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, it is important we maintain the Team Hanscom relationships that we nurtured under the Electronic Systems Center. As the installation commander, I am committed to continuing this team effort. Along these lines, the 66th Air Base Group will take on a variety of items from base-wide awards to hosting senior staff meetings to help ensure Team Hanscom organizations communicate and collaborate as they have always done.

Shifting gears, we are well into the Critical Days of Summer and I want to remind all of you to keep your focus on safety. Whether you are at work or waterskiing at the cape, enter into every activity thinking first about safety. What are the risks of the activity? What can I do to mitigate them? How should I prepare so that if something bad happens I can quickly and effectively respond?

You and your family members are important to the mission at Team Hanscom and we need you to stay safe.

Finally, I want to wish you and your families an enjoyable summer. Many of you are taking well-earned vacation. Do something you love to do, get some rest and connect with friends and family. We are very fortunate to live in such a wonderful location--beaches, mountains, national parks, history, amusement parks, a world-class base pool, Fourth Cliff, vibrant cities and quaint rural towns.

If you can't find something fun to do, give Tickets and Tours or Outdoor Recreation a call; they have some great options. Tickets and Tours can be reached at 781-225-6505 and the phone number for Outdoor Recreation is 781-225-6621.

Thank you for all you do for our Air Force!