Veterans Day and Thanksgiving holiday safety message

  • Published
  • By Col. Stacy L. Yike
  • 66th Air Base Group commander
This month we celebrate two very important national holidays: Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Veterans Day honors all American men and women who served in the armed services throughout our nation's history. These holidays provide our Team Hanscom family members the opportunity to celebrate in gratitude, and let us recognize the selfless service and sacrifice of our warfighters ensuring our security and freedom.
As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, I ask you to be vigilant in looking after the safety of your family and your fellow Wingmen. Keep your mind on the safety basics: wear a seat belt, don't drink and drive and don't speed.

Your plan for a designated driver shouldn't be created after you've had your first drink. Make sure you are not just driving safely, but you're keeping an eye out for the travelers around you. The biggest hazards out there are the other drivers and those who try to multitask by also texting or using cell phones.

Supervisors, you are our first line of defense. I expect you to make eye-to-eye contact with all of your Airmen. Discuss their plans for the long weekend and keep an ear out for a coherent safety plan. Also, listen to their nonverbal communication. Are they communicating signs of distress or are they having a rough time with the holidays? If they are, please don't leave them alone. Escort them to their supervisor, first sergeant, commander or chaplain so they can get the help they need.

Although a time of joy and goodwill, this season brings particular hazards that can be unforgiving to the unprepared. Now is a good time to remind ourselves how to reduce the risks of driving in winter conditions, hunting, home fires, home decorations and electrical conditions and ice or snow-covered walkways. Find information on these and other timely safety topics in 66th Air Base Group safety community site at

During Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day, regardless of your holiday plans, please be aware of the hazards, take action to guard against them and execute good safety practices.

You are too important to the Team Hanscom family and to your own families to fall victim to a preventable accident.