Straight Talk: Car Questions

  • Published
  • By Col. Stacy L. Yike
  • 66th Air Base Group commander
Cars, cars, cars. What would we do without our cars? This week's Straight Talk focuses on some of the car questions I have received in the last few weeks. I have also had to sign off on quite a few speeding tickets of late and had folks relate some parking lot accidents as well. Stay alert!

Q: The intersection between Hanscom Drive and Massachusetts 2A is very hazardous, especially during the evening rush hour. The amount of traffic, speed of the vehicles and limited sight due to the curvature of the road is a recipe for disaster. Is there any way we can encourage the city or county to install a stoplight and replace the existing flashing light?

A: You get a short answer to your question with a promise for more work on my part. I understand this intersection has been discussed with the state in the past, but I haven't spoken with them myself. One of the past deterrents to a signalized intersection is the traffic back up of the Route 2A traffic flow in both directions. This would lead to another potentially dangerous situation. The town managers work closely with the base to address the needs of all the people driving in our area and we really appreciate their help. I will be sure to learn more about this particular intersection and the major factors involved. Thank you for identifying a possibly hazardous situation and I would like to remind everyone to always exercise caution when driving. Traffic seems to get worse every year and people get more impatient every year - a sure recipe for accidents. Please be safe!

Q: Why can't we have a blinking light at the intersection of Hartwell Avenue and Grenier Street? It seems ridiculous to stop and wait for a red light at 10 p.m. with no traffic in either direction.

A: I have ordered up a blinking traffic light just for you! Actually, I can't take any of the credit. CE has once again come to our rescue and found a way to save energy with improved area lighting and upgraded traffic lights. When you can prove you are saving energy, it is much easier to fund the project. The less good news is that it will probably be next summer before we actually see the new lights. I don't need to remind an acquisition community why this process takes time, but it is in the works.

Q: Can I repair my car in my driveway in base housing?

A: No. Your lease agreement with Hunt Pinnacle identifies what you can and cannot do in base housing and car repairs are not authorized. However, the Auto Skills Center offers a great facility for do-it-yourself repairs. They are open Monday through Saturday, so be sure to check it out. Call 781- 377-2612 or visit for more information.