Straight Talk: Questions and Answers

  • Published
  • By Col. Stacy L. Yike
  • 66th Air Base Group commander
Q: I don't know if you have been back into the Dunkin Donuts area in the BX since they reopened and seen the new flooring, but in my opinion, and from most of the other people I have encountered there, it's pretty ugly! Who thought this would be an improvement over what was already there?

A: I didn't see the floor prior to this project, but I can understand your perspective that it doesn't look much like new flooring today. This is what I have learned: the process is called Dyed Polished concrete coloring, an AAFES standard. The application is done over the existing concrete and, therefore, difficult to get the desired results. AAFES was not satisfied with the results and addressed this with the flooring contractor. However, the time factor to immediately improve the floor meant no food facilities would be open within the mall. As a result, we decided to have the contractor improve this area at a later date believing that would best serve our customers. Thank you for supporting Dunkin Donuts.

Q: I was always under the impression that the singing of the Air Force song was supposed to be at the position of attention, yet when it is sung here, people dance around and clap and show no respect. Is this something I have just overlooked everywhere else I have been, or is this the actual way of singing it?

A: I just came from a joint school and my fellow servicemembers always thought it was odd when the Air Force clapped and sang along with the music; however, this is part of our culture. IAW AFI 34-1201, para 8.4.1 states, "When the Air Force Song is played, it is customary to stand, clap and join in singing as directed by the nature of the ceremony. Do not salute. The Official Party may move after the playing of the first verse of the Air Force song. Proper respect and courtesy is always to be rendered to sister service songs by coming to the proper form of attention." Thanks for asking.

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