Strengthening Spiritual Wellness in the Hanscom Community

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jessica Jacques
  • 66th Air Base Wing Chapel
Trying to find harmony and stability while on the roller coaster of life can be difficult, especially for Airmen, who deal with the pressure of getting suspenses in on time, keeping up with training and constantly preparing for deployments while also trying to manage a home life. Morale on a military base plays an important role in productivity and the community's ability to work together to get the mission accomplished. 

Whether individuals choose to practice in a faith group or not, spiritual wellness has a constant presence in day-to-day life. It can be achieved while saying a prayer, meditating, reflecting during a moment of silence or striving to find balance in life. 

In addition to ensuring Airmen the right to exercise their freedom of religion, Air Force chaplains and chaplain assistants work to build community relations and offer people a place to talk with a chaplain with complete confidentiality. Chaplains are available to listen to individuals' problems and concerns. 

Talking through frustrations can relieve stress and anxiety associated with work and family issues, said Chaplain (Maj.) Montgomery Kirk. "Receiving another perspective on an issue or problem you are facing is a huge help in making the right decision and keeping your life on track. Chaplains have heard just about everything under the sun and yet our goal is provide hope without being judgmental. Helping you work through your circumstances in a godly way is our way to help provide spiritual wellness." 

Meetings with chaplains are not documented and will not appear on servicemembers' records. Topics of discussion will remain confidential. 

To help organizations can become familiar with the chaplains and chaplain assistants assigned here, Hanscom's Base Chapel sponsors a spiritual wellness breakfast for a different office each month. The social setting is very casual and free coffee and food is provided. The office's members are also provided an opportunity to learn about the chapel's services and programs and to ask any questions or arrange an appointment to speak with a chaplain in private. 

"Spiritual wellness breakfasts are a way for people to meet the chapel staff, fellowship coworkers away from their desks and see the resources available that could help increase their spiritual wellness," said Staff Sgt. Jacqueline Bridges, acting chapel noncommissioned officer in charge.
The breakfasts also help the chapel staff to achieve their mission, said Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Samuel Rorer III, Base Chapel wing chaplain. "Behind all the chapel's outreach and programs is the desire to help people find spiritual strength and ensure that all members of our community have the opportunity to exercise their constitutional right to freedom of religion."

Each month, the chapel staff will choose a unit to visit, but those interested in participating in a spiritual wellness breakfast can call Senior Airman Jacques at (781) 377-3538. Appointments for private meetings with chaplains can be made by calling the same number.