A team approach to workplace safety, health

  • Published
  • By Col. Derrick Richardson
  • 554th Electronic Systems Wing commander
The Voluntary Protection Program promotes effective workplace safety and health by emphasizing trust and cooperation among our organization's leaders, managers and team members. In the 554th Electronic Systems Wing, we wholeheartedly embrace the VPP concept. 

In many ways, VPP simply lends a name to what we already know is the most effective approach to safety and health management - working as a team.

For our 554 ELSW community at Hanscom, implementation of VPP has not been a
dramatic cultural change. In fact, the elements of VPP, which foster prevention through cooperative relationships and communication, have allowed us to build on the strong base of our existing safety and health programs. 

As VPP promotes greater leadership and individual involvement in safety and health issues, we look forward to bringing the VPP mindset to all our wing's geographically separated units.

We are proud to be a part of Hanscom's pursuit of the VPP Star Quality rating, and look forward to showing our OSHA visitors the team commitment we have to maintaining a safer and more healthful work environment during the May 18 to 21 audit.