Message to Hanscom commuters: Be courteous, patient

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. James E. Roth
  • 66th Security Forces Squadron
Imagine yourself late to work, driving to Hanscom at the height of the morning rush. As you near the Vandenburg Gate from Hanscom Drive, you are mired in traffic. In the far distance, you can faintly see the turn leading to the gate. At that moment you realize your morning commute just became much longer. After a moment, you think to yourself, "I can just drive toward the civilian airport, make a right turn at the stop sign, and bypass all these cars waiting patiently in line."

This has become a common occurrence during the morning commute. Drivers who don't have the patience to wait in line to access Hanscom take this route. This may get an individual through the gate more quickly, but it is very inconsiderate to the drivers who have been waiting their turn to access the base and proceed to work. 

The 66th Security Forces Squadron commander has asked the Massachusetts Highway Division to place a "No Right Turn" traffic sign at this intersection to preclude inconsiderate behavior. In addition, motorists caught performing this action will be turned around at the gate and instructed to return to the back of the traffic line.

Everyone on Hanscom works toward one common goal: to complete the Air Force mission. Jumping the line of traffic may get you on base faster, but delays everyone who has been waiting patiently in the line of traffic. 

Some solutions to make your morning commute easier are carpooling, leaving home earlier and entering thru one of Hanscom's other entry points. Bottom line: be considerate to other drivers and don't cut in line.