Antiterrorism measures

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  • By Nick Zallas
  • Antiterrorism Office
The weather is warming up and summer is right around the corner. Before taking that family vacation, it is a good idea to review some travel tips to make your vacation experience safe and enjoyable.

The men and women who serve in the Department of Defense and their family members are our most vital resource. Terrorists have reached new levels of organization, sophistication and violence, often targeting DOD personnel and their families.

Terrorists can strike anytime and anywhere

Antiterrorism is the practices, tactics, techniques and strategies that are used to counteract terrorism. Therefore, you need to be aware of antiterrorism defensive measures to reduce the vulnerability of individuals, information and facilities to terrorist attacks.

Tourism Safety

The best tourism safety measure is to avoid travel to areas where there has been a persistent record of terrorist attacks. However, personnel should keep good antiterrorism practices in mind when traveling anywhere.

The following tips may help travelers avoid becoming a target of opportunity:

- Research the threat conditions for the area you are visiting.

- Plan activities at safe locations.

- If possible, travel with others.

- Conceal your military affiliation as much as possible.

- Conform to the local culture.

- Do not bring attention to yourself either in your behavior or dress.

- Be aware of any suspicious behavior when visiting sites.

- Pay attention to your surroundings and note objects that could conceal an improvised explosive device, like parcel packaging, backpacks and more.

- Avoid public disturbances and political demonstrations.

- Avoid religious sites where your presence is offensive.

These precautions may provide some degree of protection, and can serve as practical and psychological deterrents to would-be terrorists.

Stay away from known trouble, disreputable places or other high-risk areas and only visit reputable establishments. Review for the consular information sheet for the country where you are traveling. It provides travelers with safety, health and security information.

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