Equal Opportunity


EO Mission: To foster a workplace environment free from barriers by promoting equal opportunity and facilitating fair and equitable treatment. To encourage resolution at the lowest level and to ensure federal laws and Air Force policies regarding sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination are upheld.

Complaint Process

Military: IAW AFI 36-2710, informal complaints have no reporting time requirements and are conducted locally. Formal complaints must be filed within 60 days of the last occurrence of alleged discriminatory offense. Formal complaint clarification is conducted by the EO staff.

DoD Civilian: Under 29 CFR part 1614.105, to file a formal complaint, an individual must initiate contact with an EO counselor within 45 calendar days of the date the matter alleged to be discriminatory took place or in the case of a personnel action, within 45 days of the effective date of the action, or within 45 days of when individual first becomes aware of alleged discriminatory action or the effective date of personnel action. Informal complaints have no reporting time requirements.

Contractors: The general rule is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has no jurisdiction over complaints of discrimination filed against independent consultants and contractors used by agencies. However, in determining whether an employee is a contract or government employee for purposes of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There are eleven factors, which must be considered in such cases and no one factor is decisive.

For more on the eleven factors see attached EEOC Guidance:

EEOC Guidance on Contract Employees

Team Activities

Purpose: To promote and provide team building tools through targeted engaging activities. Focus of team building activities are to captivate team towards a specific goal and purpose.

Examples of Activities:

  • Teamwork/Communication
  • True Colors

Special Observances

Jan. 15, 2024
Martin Luther King, Jr., Birthday Holiday

Jan. 27, 2024
Holocaust Remembrance Day

Feb. 1-28
African American Heritage Month

March 1-31
Women's History Month

April 1-30
Sexual Assault Awareness Month

May 1-31
Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month

June 1-30
Pride Month

June 19, 2024
Juneteenth National Independence Day

Aug. 25, 2023
Women's Equality Day

Sept. 15 - Oct. 15
National Hispanic Heritage Month

Oct. 1-31
National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Nov. 1-30
National Native-American/Indian Heritage Month

Letters and Orders

Local Policy Letters and Executive Orders



Mission: Based in National Landing, in Arlington, VA, the Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Program champions effective problem-solving and equips Airmen to leverage negotiation and conflict resolution skills to enhance mission readiness. Whether you need a mediator for a workplace dispute or a comprehensive negotiation strategy to optimize your mission’s effectiveness, we will connect you with the tools and resources to create options and command the decision space.


Col. Taona Enriquez
Hanscom Air Force Base Commander's Policy on
Equal Opportunity

As commander of the 66th Air Base Group, I affirm the Air Force's commitment to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, which guarantees Equal Opportunity (EO) for all employees, military or civilian, regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, and additionally for civilian employees age, disability, orgenetic information. The Air Force is committed to providing a work environment which all people are treated with respect and dignity. It is everyone's responsibility to promote and maintain a work environment free from unlawful discrimination, harassment and reprisal.

Contact Information

66th Air Base Group Equal Opportunity

Building 1240 in rooms 304, 305, 306, 404

Telephone Number: 781-225-6397

DSN Telephone Number: 845-6397