Inclement Weather Information

Winter weather in New England can be unpredictable and harsh. Click on the links below for futher information about Hanscom winter weather policies and procedures.

For the most up-to-date inclement weather information at Hanscom, call the COLD Line at 781-225-2653. AtHoc notification options are also available for inclement weather information. Click here for directions on how to sign up for AtHoc.  

Policies and Procedures:
- Inclement weather procedures for Hanscom personnel
- Inclement weather leave guidance for civilians
- Making plans for winter weather
- Policy for excess snow on vehicles
- Long term parking procedures during snowstorms
- School communication and cancellation procedures
- Obtaining medical care when winter weather hits

Winter Safety Tips:
- Winter driving safety tips
- Preventing falls on ice
- How to shovel snow and protect your back
- Five mistakes to avoid in the next snowstorm

- Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)
- American Red Cross
- Hanscom AFB Facebook page
- Hanscom AFB Emergency Management Facebook page (closed page)
- Important phone listing

(Updated November 2023)