Inclement weather procedures for Hanscom personnel

When inclement weather is forecast, Hanscom’s leadership uses a variety of sources to make decisions as far in advance as possible.

For the most up-to-date inclement weather information at Hanscom, call the COLD Line at 781-225-2653. Employees should also rely on AtHoc notifications, which are sent directly to the individuals’ chosen contact numbers/email addresses. Click here for directions on how to sign up for AtHoc. As a secondary means of notification, Facebook, the Hanscom webpage and the Hanscom AF Connect App are updated remotely as soon as possible.

The installation commander has a number of options available during inclement weather to minimize risks to personnel while minimizing impact to the mission.

Delayed Reporting 

The objective of delayed reporting is to ensure that all personnel are allotted extra time to get to work safely. Therefore, personnel who are able to safely report to duty at their normal time, or shortly thereafter, are expected to do so.  

The Child Development Center will open 15 minutes prior to the end of the delayed reporting time for families to drop off. (E.G., for a two-hour delayed reporting, the CDC would open at 8:15 a.m.)

The Fitness Center will open at the designated hours of delayed reporting after normal opening time of 5 a.m. (i.e., a three-hour delay, the fitness center will open at 8 a.m.).

The Medical Clinic will not open prior to the delayed reporting time. (E.G., for a two-hour delayed reporting, the clinic would open at 8:30 a.m.).

Delayed Opening

The objective of a delayed opening is to facilitate the removal of snow from parking areas; therefore, personnel should not report to the base until the announced time.  

The CDC will open 15 minutes prior to the base opening for families to drop off.

The Clinic and Fitness Center will not open prior to the delayed opening time.

Early Dismissal/Staggered Release

An early dismissal and staggered release of personnel is initiated by the installation commander if, during normal duty hours, an event such as a major storm threatens Hanscom Air Force Base.

A staggered release is intended to maximize the safety of personnel and minimize traffic congestion using the following release schedule and zones.

Zone One -- Personnel who live more than 30 miles from Hanscom: immediate release.
Zone Two -- Personnel who live within 15 to 30 miles of Hanscom: release 1/2 hour after Zone One.
Zone Three -- Personnel living within 15 miles of Hanscom: release one hour after Zone One.

All base facilities will close 60 minutes after Zone 1 release time. The Commissary will close two hours after Zone 1 release time to allow customers to make purchases. 

Call for changes in hours to base services facilities using key phone numbers.

Base Closure

When the installation commander determines that all or part of the installation must be closed, those personnel, including those personnel at off-base facilities, who are not deemed mission essential, are not permitted to report to the installation to perform their assigned duties. Employees on telework agreements will be expected to work from their approved alternate worksites.

The fitness center will not be open for 24/7 access during base closure. 

DECA and AAFES facilities will usually mirror base status. However please consult the key phone number listing to call for changes in hours.

Information on Hanscom Schools will be provided directly from the Lincoln Public School system.

Additional guidance for civilian employees and their supervisors is located at the Inclement Weather factsheet here.

(Current as of November 2023)