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Patriot of the Week


Patriot of the Week Name and Rank: Airman 1st Class Tori Keith

Duty Section: 66th Medical Squadron medical logistics technician

Hometown: Monticello, Indiana

Why I serve:

I serve the military because I love to travel, for financial stability and education opportunity and to follow in my sister's footsteps in the Air Force. I also serve to create my own path in life.

Best memory:

My best Air Force memory so far has been the single Airmen trips provided by the 66th Force Support Squadron, where single Airmen come together to enjoy the New England Area. 

This is not a big base so things like this bring people of all military backgrounds who are here alone. It's an awesome experience. One of my favorite trips was the opportunity to travel to Maine to explore what the state offers in food, shopping and sightseeing. During that trip, I was able to connect with another Airman who is now one of my best friends in the military. I would have never got this opportunity without this awesome program. 

The Air Force has been a huge part of me becoming a more diverse person by helping me come out of my shell and being more willing to engage with people and situations.

Supervisors' comments:

Airman 1st Class Keith contributes to the medical logistics mission by making sure supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals are properly ordered, received and inspected. This ensures our patients receive safe medical care products. 

Her efforts directly impact beneficiaries and 12 geographically separated units by ensuring they are adequately supplied to conduct their daily missions and provide timely and safe access to care.  

She also serves in the customer service section to ensure all requests and concerns are addressed in a respectful and timely manner.

During her short time in the unit, she has successfully completed her 5-level career development courses and has found time to volunteer in the local community, as well as the squadron, setting her aside from other Airmen in her peer group.  

Her expertise concerning medical recalls and hazards has helped prevent mishaps and adverse patient safety events. Her understanding of the complicated medical logistics career field and infectious positive attitude makes her a unique superstar. (Staff Sgt. Carlos Rance)