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Patriot of the Week


Name: William Stanley

Duty Title: Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center/Nuclear Command, Control and Communications Financial Specialist

Hometown: New Ipswich, New Hampshire

Why I Serve?

Contributing to our national defense through civil service gives me pride to know that my work aligns with the backbone of our nation’s security. Providing capabilities to the warfighters in order to improve mission effectiveness allows me to contribute to a calling higher than myself. I am honored to be part of the U.S. Air Force.

Best Air Force memory:

My best Air Force memory was attending the bi-annual Weapon System Review for the NC3 Weapon System at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. Being able to support a meeting between members all across the acquisition community including two program executive officers, a number of users and external members of the community gave me a much deeper, broader and stronger connection to and understanding of the mission.

How does the nominee contribute to your unit’s mission?

Bill completed his first full year in the Financial Management Palace Acquire program in September 2019, supporting the execution of the directorate’s budget for NC3 integration efforts, fiscal year 2019 Demonstration and Validation budget, as well as an annual operations and maintenance budget, which funds facilities and sustainment.

In anticipation of the fiscal year 2020 budget approval, Bill modified the standard Congressional tracker to fit a “one look” quick view in Vlook up, maintaining all the critical data while having a quick look for leadership to reference.  The tracker updates marks and plus ups in the FY20 budgets of all PEO NC3 portfolio programs when each committee report is issued enabling the chief financial officer and PEO to be informed and poised to support weapon systems as needed.

Bill was also instrumental in transitioning additional programs into PEO NC3 by ensuring they were being reported and tracked correctly across our multiple financial management systems. His strong communication skills facilitated a smooth transition and helped create great PEO/program working relationships. Bill’s proactive work ethic and critical thinking enhances the overall effectiveness of the FM team and the directorate as a whole. (David Pucci)