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Patriot of the Week


Patriot of the Week Name and Rank: Tech. Sgt. Janet Izquierdo

Duty Section: Patriot Honor Guard Ceremonial Guardsman

Hometown: Holyoke, Massachusetts

Why I serve:

I serve because I grew up in Holyoke, Massachusetts, home of the “Soldiers Home” (a veteran’s nursing home). When I was younger, I would visit the nursing home where the veterans would tell their stories. I wanted to be part of what veterans have done for us and to honor our country, to honor those who have already served, and those who will later serve. Now as a technical sergeant, I still try to visit the “Soldiers Home” at least once a year, but with stories of my own to share with them. Their stories are far greater than mine are, but they enjoy the visits.

Best memory:

My best Air Force memory is when I went to El Salvador on a humanitarian mission. Being part of a project that its mission was to build schools and provide medical attention to those who don’t have the resources to do so just gave me a sense of pride.

Supervisors' comments:

Tech. Sgt. Janet Izquierdo is an incredible teammate and supports the Honor Guard mission with excellent leadership, dedication and impeccable military bearing. She knows exactly how the Honor Guard mission impacts the family members we support. Thanks to her efforts, the Patriot Honor Guard always supports veteran funerals with military honors that detail the utmost respect and dignity they deserve for serving their country. We are thankful to have her on our team. (Tech. Sgt. David Seng)