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Options for sponsoring base visitors expanded

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. -- In an effort to better serve the needs of the base, the 66th Security Forces Squadron Visitor Control Center is now accepting email sponsorship for visitors. 

The new policy, which started Sept. 25, enables military members, government civilian employees and designated Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory personnel with sponsorship authority to submit an email to sponsor a visitor without having to physically meet their guest at the Visitor Control Center.

Digitally signed and encrypted emails requesting a one day pass must be sent from a .mil, .gov or certain predesignated MIT/LL accounts. All requests must be emailed to Hanscom.Visitor@us.af.mil on the day the pass is needed.

The Visitor Control Center will accept pass requests via email between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday only, except for holidays and down days. All emailed requests must contain the sponsor’s full name, grade, duty title, location of visit and time and duration of visit.

Visitors must arrive at the Visitor Control Center at the time of visit identified in the email to receive their pass. Furthermore, email sponsorship is only permitted for single- day passes. If a multi-day pass is needed, the sponsor is still required to meet their guest at the Visitor Control Center and complete the sponsorship process in person.

For any questions or concerns, call 66 SFS Police Services at 781-225-5605, or the Visitor Control Center at 781-225-6642 or 6643.