New Employee Assistance Program counselor for Hanscom

  • Published
  • By Glen Kernusky
  • 66th Air Base Group Public Affairs

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass., -- Hanscom Air Force Base has a new Employee Assistance Program counselor, who is focused on helping employees navigate and use all aspects of the program.

Samarrah Clayman is a licensed social worker and a Massachusetts native from Brookline, who started in early June, just after Independence Day.

“I’m here to help people to understand the wide range of options that are available to them via EAP,” she said. “And it’s all free. It’s hard to go wrong with the extra support that EAP offers.” 

The Air Force’s Employee Assistance Program provides resources to civilian employees and their family members to help manage normal, everyday life challenges that may affect job performance and personal well-being. Services provided by EAP include financial, legal, and counseling assistance.

“You could think of this as the civilian equivalent to Military One Source,” said Carolyn McCafferty, community support coordinator. “The EAP is here for you. It’s an incredibly powerful tool.”

There are many services available on the program’s website. There are articles, newsletters, webinars, live talks, and videos available on a variety of topics, including caregiving, grief counseling, parenting, relationship advice, how to cope with stress, and more.

“Often, when we want to research something online we Google it. But we don’t really need to do that with EAP,” said McCafferty. “You can go to their webpage or call the 866 number and get the assistance you need from a knowledgeable specialist.”

“When you call the 1-866 number, which is 24/7, you would do a short intake with a staff member so they can better direct you,” said Clayman. “At that time, you can request to get connected to me, because I’m the staff person at Hanscom. On the days that I am not available, a caller can speak with any available counselor. They have access to a wide network of providers.”

The website also has a Management Support page. This section has links to services that can provide leadership training for managers and supervisors, information on how to support staff during traumatic events, and guidance on dealing with employee performance issues.

“There is such a wide breadth of assistance available,” said Clayman. “We can direct people to the resources they need, such as presentations, webinars, training videos, and apps online, as well as in-person or virtual counseling.”

There is also a Discount Center, where members can apply for deals on nation-wide services and products for travel, family care, entertainment, groceries, and dining, just to name a few.

“EAP is an essential go-to resource to help with work/life balance and self-care and support,” said McCafferty. “Signing up is easy. Go to and scroll down the page.”

EAP services are confidential in many states, and counselors cannot disclose the details about a consultation without the member’s permission. However, if people present a danger to themselves or to others, are involved in the abuse of a vulnerable person, or are a national security threat, the law states that the counselor must report these details to the appropriate authorities.

All Air Force civilians, Guardsmen, Reservists, and their family members can use the program at no charge. The EAP provides services and access 24/7 via telephone, the EAP website, or in-person. Call 866-580-9078 or use the link: