AFMC puts 75 years of history on display

  • Published
  • By Steven Przyzycki
  • Air Force Materiel Command

The Air Force Materiel Command History office has captured 75 years of Air Force highlights with a brand new traveling heritage display.

“I tried to capture overlooked people, places, and things such as lesser known aircraft, and this display offers many surprises that will instill Air Force Blue within all of us,” said AFMC Historian Jack Waid, project lead.

The United States Air Force turns 75 years old on Sept. 18, 2022, and the new exhibit showcases significant events throughout the service’s history. 

Waid explains that the display illustrates how Air Force achievements often happened at the same time as other historical events. It highlights Air Force innovation and focuses strongly on AFMC contributions throughout the Air Force’s historical past.

“For instance, the same year John Levitow was awarded the Medal of Honor, Neil Armstrong was landing on the moon. Innovation has always been the foundation of AFMC’s rich heritage, and every aspect of this display represents that thought process,” said Waid.

The exhibit is displayed at the AFMC Headquarters building 262 on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base through February 2022. It will move to other locations on Wright-Patterson AFB every 90 days. Two additional copies will be sent to AFMC centers and other command organizations for their use throughout the Air Force 75th anniversary period and for the 30th anniversary of AFMC in the future. 

The AFMC History Office, led by Yancy Mailes, developed the heritage display with graphics support from Darius Parker, a Visual Information Specialist at the 88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs office.

“Viewers can experience the visual representation of what took place from before many of us were born, up until recent times, and how it has directly affected them as well as provided inspiration for the future,” said Parker.

The tentative schedule for the display is:

  • November 2021 - February 2022:  AFMC Headquarters, Building 262, Wright-Patterson AFB
  • March - May 2022:  Hanscom AFB and Hill AFB
  • June - August 2022:  Eglin AFB and Tinker AFB
  • September – November 2022:  Robins AFB and Arnold AFB

For updates to the schedule and more information, please call the AFMC History Office at (937) 713-1787, or email at