66th Security Forces Squadron

Cell Phone Policy

 Vehicle operators at Hanscom Air Force Base will not use cell phones unless the vehicle is safely parked or unless they are using a hands-free device. A hands free device is defined as having both hands on the steering wheel and free of other items, in this instance a cellular device. It does not mean holding the phone while on speaker.

Headphones While Driving

Apart from hearing aids, the use of portable headphones or earphones while driving or bicycling on roadways is prohibited for the sake of ensuring good situational awareness and lowering the possibility of mishap. Listening devices impair recognition of emergency signals, alarms, announcements, approaching vehicles, human speech and outside noise in general.

Unattended Children

No person will leave any child less than 12 years of age unattended in a parked vehicle without an acceptable sitter who is 12 years of age or older.

Unattended Pets

Pets will not be left unattended in a vehicle in a manner that could reasonably be expected to threaten the health of the animal due to exposure to extreme heat or cold.

Unattended Vehicles

No person having control or charge of a motor vehicle shall allow or permit the unnecessary continuous operation of the motor vehicle engine while vehicle, attended or unattended, for a foreseeable period of time in excess of five minutes without stopping the engine of the vehicle. The exception is for emergency response vehicles, vehicles that require engine assisted power for services, goods or merchandise, and vehicles being services that require engine power.

Traffic Points

Reports of traffic violations recorded on Department of Defense Form 1408 will serve as a basis for assessing points. When multiple violations are committed on a single occasion, points may be assessed for each violation. Driving privileges are suspended or revoked if a driver accumulates 12 points within 12 months or 18 points within 24 months.


The individual who received the DD Form 1408 must notify Security Forces of their intent to (rebut) challenge the validity of the 1408 within five duty days from the time they receive the citation. If the individual wishes to make a written rebuttal, they must submit a rebuttal letter articulating their position to the DFC through S5R within 14-days of receipt of the ticket. The letter must be endorsed by their commander to ensure commander-level involvement. The commander must add comments supporting either the individual's guilt or innocence.

All violations are reported to the offender's unit commander, first sergeant, or civilian supervisor, or if the offender is a contractor, the government agency providing oversight for the government applicable contract.

For questions regarding any traffic infractions, contact 66th Security Forces Squadron at 781-225-5626.