Mutual Value Statement

The purpose of the Hanscom AFB Innovation and Collaboration Board is to:

Provide a forum for its members to collaborate, consult and exchange information, and to provide access to strategic advice from regional, state and local innovation assets for the purpose of strengthening the New England region's contributions to the success of the Hanscom-based mission.

Demonstrate the powerful benefit to the region of a strong network of DoD, multi-government, industry and academic leaders. Create sustainable opportunities through co-sponsored initiatives with shared goals that reflect commitment to leveraging resources and in-depth, continuous understanding of member priorities. Focus on developing and sustaining innovative personnel, facilities and equipment capabilities that support the warfighter and the regional economy.

Success will be recognized/acknowledged when we realize:

· An increase in formalized public/private relationships

· An increase in the awareness of Hanscom's capabilities and opportunities in the industrial, academic and technology communities

· An input to information technology application and transition, from an academic and industry best-practice process and outcome perspectives

· Establish strategic access to the region's unique and significant capabilities in select technologies which align with the interests of the United States Air Force and Hanscom AFB

· New relationships that leverage resources, create new assets, and increase the value of existing assets at Hanscom

· Transfer of technology by supporting both the development of commercial technologies to meet the needs of the Air Force (spin-in) and the commercialization of resident Air Force technologies (spin-out)

Activities and Objectives:

The scope of the Hanscom Innovation & Collaboration Board's activities will include, but will not be limited to, the following:

1. Explore opportunities that will coordinate emerging technology capabilities and requirements from the New England region's technology economy with Hanscom mission priorities, constrained to formally execute acquisitions open to the broader community. The objective of this initiative is to utilize the collective expertise and resources of regional assets, public and private, via early systems engineering, information assurance and best practices in all functional areas related to sustainable execution efforts, and benchmarking to maximize the development of Hanscom mission requirements.

2. Present regional efforts focused on the development and transition of various innovative technologies and approaches currently underway among the Hanscom Innovation and Collaboration Board's members, thereby strengthening the region as the definitive location for the development, acquisition, modernization and integration of embedded electronic systems and other information technologies.