Hanscom Commuters

All the information Hanscom AFB employees need to take advantage of many programs that offer transportation alternatives, reduce commuting costs and reduce environmental impact is provided here.

The Hanscom Commuter Program is administered by the Base Civil Engineer, Environmental Management Office, 72 Dow Street, Building 1825.

For further information, contact the Hanscom Commuter Program at 66ABG.CEIE.HanscomCommuters@us.af.mil, or contact Daniel Smothers at 781-225-6151 or daniel.smothers.ctr@us.af.mil, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Transportation Incentive Program (TIP)
The Transportation Incentive Program is for military members and federal employees that provides financial subsidies to encourage commuting by public transportation and qualified vanpools. Each employee receives up to $300 per month to cover transportation costs such as bus, train, subway and vanpool fees. The subsidy is provided through a transit debit card issued to the individual.

There are different programs based on the service branch: TRANServe is for Air Force personnel and the Mass Transportation Benefits Program (MTBP) is for the Army. Those interested in applying for the TRANServe or MTBP should complete an online application. For TRANServe, apply through transit application. For MTBP, follow these instructions.

For further information, email at 66ABG.CEIE.HanscomCommuters@us.af.mil.

Hanscom Vanpool Program
The Commute with Enterprise program provides assistance with vanpooling through the Hanscom Commuter Program.

A vanpool is a carpool with five or more riders in which our partner provides a vehicle, a gas card, maintenance and insurance to the group.

Each employee's $300/month TIP subsidy makes the commute to work affordable. As of February 2022, there were 10 active vanpools that operate from across New England to Hanscom AFB.

Contact the Hanscom Commuter Program for more information or visit the HanscomRIDES Website.

Carpool Program (MassRIDES)
This state-wide program is sponsored by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation. They provide comprehensive travel information and assistance, such as matching travelers to carpooling, van pooling, emergency rides home and other transit options. More information on MassRIDES is available on their website.

Emergency Ride Home
Employees that participate in the vanpool through Commute with Enterprise qualify for three free rides home in the Emergency Ride Home program. The commuter arranges their transportation (transit, taxi, rental car) and is reimbursed for all costs up to $100 other than rental car taxes, insurance and fuel costs.

Contact the Hanscom Commuter Program for more information.

Alternative Commuting Rewards Program
Employees will receive rewards when they telecommute, walk, bike, carpool, take the train, subway, bus or work a compressed week. Bay State Commute, this statewide rewards program is free to participate in and allows you to accrue points towards restaurant coupons, sporting event tickets, ski lift tickets, and discounts from local and national retailers. There are also measurements to calculate the money you have saved, the number of drive-alone trips you have reduced and your positive environmental impact.

MBTA Bus Service
Bus #76 makes more than 20 daily runs between 6 a.m. and 9:30 p.m., between Alewife Subway Station and MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Visit the MBTA website for details.

Hartwell Area Shuttle
128 Business Council Hartwell Area Shuttle provides non-stop direct service from Alewife Subway Station to the Hartwell Avenue gate three times each morning and a direct return trip three times each afternoon.

Base personnel are eligible to ride this shuttle for $3 per ride. This cost can be offset by the $130 monthly TIP transportation subsidy offered through the Hanscom Commuter Program. For more information contact the Hanscom Commuter Program at 66ABG.CEIE.HanscomCommuters@us.af.mil.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Cambridge Shuttle
MIT Lincoln Laboratory has opened the Cambridge Shuttle to base employees on a space-available basis. This free shuttle provides direct bus transportation between the MIT Main Campus in Cambridge (Kenmore Square Station) and MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

For more information or to join the shuttle, contact the Hanscom Commuter Program in the base environmental office.

Telework Program
Telework is any arrangement in which an employee performs official duties at an alternative worksite, such as their home. Many positions are suitable for taking advantage of this program.

Employees are encouraged to speak with a supervisor or refer to the Hanscom Telework Program Guide for more details.

Flextime/Compressed Work Schedule
5-4-9 Schedule (Flextime/Compressed Work Schedule) Re-scheduling your work time to work 9 hour days and get 1 day off every other week (9th day is an 8 hour day) is a good way to reduce your commute time. Talk to a supervisor about the details of this program.

Whether you ride skinny tires or fat tires, you're welcomed on base. Just remember to wear your helmet. We want to make Hanscom a bike friendly place. In spring of each year the base participates in the Bay State Bike Week competition.

Watch for signs and news articles announcing the event.

Base Taxi Service
The 66th Logistic Readiness Squadron provides an on-call base taxi that is available for those conducting official business on base. It is ideal for those who carpool, during inclement weather or where high-volume parking lots limit parking. No reservations are required for this service. The base taxi service runs Monday through Friday during normal duty hours. To schedule a pick-up, contact the dispatch office at 781-225-5830. Shuttle service is not available on holidays or weekends.

The Hanscom Commuter Program is administered by the Base Civil Engineer, Environmental Management Office, 72 Dow Street, Building 1825. For further information, contact the Hanscom Commuter Program at 66ABG.CEIE.HanscomCommuters@us.af.mil, or contact Daniel Smothers daniel.smothers.ctr@us.af.mil or 781-225-6151, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m..

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(Updated September 2022)