Civil Engineering

Mission Statement:
 66th Civil Engineering Division's mission is to:

• Provide, operate, maintain, repair, restore, design, construct and protect managed assets including infrastructure and facilities.

• Execute environmental stewardship, real estate management, space management, fire emergency services, and emergency management services.

• Manage energy and utility systems, maintain roads and grounds, provide facility and base sustainment services, oversee privatized housing and manage unaccompanied housing.

66th Civil Engineering Division has five flights: Fire Emergency Services (CEF), Installation Management (CEI), Engineering (CEN), Operations (CEO), and Emergency Management (CEX).

Fire Emergency Services Flight
Provides fire and emergency services response capabilities, fire prevention services, and minimizes adverse consequences at emergency incidents.

Installation Management Flight
Provides oversight and management of financial management support, information technology management and force support for the division. Provides oversight and management of real property, cultural and natural resources, environmental planning, environmental compliance, and hazardous waste management. Also provides housing, dormitory, and furnishing management.

NEW! 2022 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Environmental Commitment Statement

Engineering Flight
Responsible for portfolio optimization, community planning, program development, energy, design and construction management, installation geospatial information and service (IGIS) and Comprehensive Asset Management Plan integration. Provides project management to include design, contract execution, and Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineer Requirements (SABER). Also provides installation mapping, facility floor plan maintenance, and CE record drawing management.

Operations Flight
Provides oversight and management of facility and infrastructure operations, maintenance and repair, material control, customer service, services contract management, and operations engineering functions.

Emergency Management Flight
Home to the Installation Emergency Manager who serves as the installation commander’s senior authority regarding all EM matters. The flight provides oversight and management of the installation EM program, and is the installation focal point for the Integrated Risk Management and contingency planning processes. The IOEM also trains personnel in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) defense, Air Force incident management, and Emergency Response Operations, and supports Ready Airman Training events as the CBRN training subject matter experts. Additionally, IOEM personnel serve as installation CBRN/HAZMAT emergency responders, provide the Emergency Operations Center Manager, and are the points of contact for EOC operations.

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(Updated February 2024)