Policy for excess snow on vehicles

In preparation for winter, 66th Security Forces Squadron would like to remind everyone of the snow and ice policies for motorists accessing Hanscom Air Force Base.

The 66th Air Base Group policy and Massachusetts General Law dictates motorists clear all snow, ice or other obstructions from the windows of their vehicles to ensure visibility in all directions. Snow and ice must also be removed from vehicle hoods, roofs and trunks to avoid the possibility of it blowing off and hindering safe traffic flow. Snow and ice should always be removed from vehicle headlights, taillights and license plates.

Motorists in violation of the snow and ice removal policy will be stopped by security forces and directed to immediately clear off their vehicle prior to being released.

Any motorists attempting to gain entry to the installation with snow and ice on their vehicle will be directed by 66 SFS guards to pull over and remove all snow from their vehicles before being allowed to continue onto the installation.

For more information on the snow and ice policies, reference AFI 31-204, MGL Chapter 90 Section 13 or contact 66 SFS Police Services section at 781-225-5605.

(Updated November 2023)