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Name: Heidi Collins

Unit and Duty Title: Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center Contract Specialist

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Why I Serve?

Being a part of a team and/or mission is in my blood. As an active duty military spouse of 24 years, the Air Force has been a major part of my life in a variety of ways and I am truly grateful for this new chapter of learning to be a Mission Focused Business Leader within the contracting profession. Being able to think, challenge, and ask to allow the Air Force to Fly, Fight, Win is a great way to serve.

It is extremely rewarding to offer focused leadership and contracting support to the readiness mission within the Nuclear Weapons Center, to see firsthand the dedication that goes into each and every acquisition by all functionals, and to know the work we are doing today will ensure air-to-ground command, control, and communication for years to come

Best Air Force memory:

The very best memories will always be those of our boys, no matter their ages at the time, running to my husband to welcome him home from multiple deployments. Just thinking about it chokes me up.  But also very very near and dear to me would be the four years I spent serving as an Air Force Arlington Lady.  Having the unique opportunity to honor, respect, and serve the airmen of the Air Force and their families in that capacity was a very humbling yet remarkable experience.

How does the nominee contribute to your unit’s mission?

Heidi Collins is the epitome of a Mission Focused Business Leader by taking on all challenges that come her way. Due to a severe manning shortage and with less than a year of experience, Heidi stepped in to execute an $83 million next generation airborne receiver competitive award while negotiating a $14 million sole source effort; without her execution, the award would have been delayed on both actions. 

Moreover, she was instrumental in facilitating a $13 million engineering services contract that prevented a gap in service. All of her actions were accomplished in the last month and to put in it mildly, “Heidi saved the day multiple times.”

She truly speaks to the Air Force Nuclear Mission and Vision by providing premier acquisition support for the Nuclear Command, Control, and Communication Capabilities in support of the warfighter. (Caroline S. Segovia)