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Name: Matthew Hogan

Full Duty: Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, Integration Directorate, Special Programs Division senior leader network logistics manager

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Why I Serve? I grew up in a family with a long history of serving our nation. My great grandfather served in World War I, my father served during the Cold War, my brother is currently serving on active duty in the Army, and my own 20 years of service.

As a logistics manager, I appreciate the opportunity and responsibility I have to ensure every platform I support has a sustainment strategy that secures the lethality our warfighters need in order to support our country’s national security.

Best Army memory:  One of the best Army memories I have was my first deployment during Operation Iraqi Freedom where I deployed as the Motorpool Supply and Operations sergeant.

The reason this particular deployment is one of the best memories is because of the comradery and teamwork my entire team exhibited during the entire 12 months of being peppered with indirect fire and feeling home sick. Our team stuck together, ensuring our fellow soldiers had the vehicles they needed in order to accomplish the mission with no unserviceable vehicles or ground support equipment.

Today, as the logistics manager of my program, one of the best memories thus far is seeing the implementation of recommendations I made during a Rapid Improvement Event and witnessing a 30 percent increase in our systems operational availability.

How does the nominee contribute to your unit’s mission?

Matt is the lynch pin within our logistics team who ensures we are meeting the program manager’s intent and that our sustainment strategy meets the program executive officer’s strategic focus.

He is my go to team member to tackle the most complex challenges with consistently outstanding results. (Ben Bahoque)