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Reducing energy and water consumption focus of Energy Action Month

Energy Action Month proclamation signing.

Col. Roman L. Hund, 66th Air Base Group commander, prepares to sign a proclamation recognizing October as Energy Action Month Sept. 28, as (left to right) Chinh Phan, energy manager, David Wong, chief of programs, Brian Noury, energy technician, Michael Lynch, chief of portfolio optimization, and Thomas Schluckebier, base civil engineer, look on. As part of a national campaign, led by the Department of Energy, Hanscom will hold events promoting energy and water conservation awareness throughout the month of October. (U.S. Air Force photo by Linda LaBonte Britt)

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. -- October is Energy Action Month. During the month-long campaign, the 66th Civil Engineering Division is highlighting Hanscom’s energy saving efforts and asking employees to focus on reducing energy and water consumption at work, home and in their communities.

Energy affects how we live, work and play. In order for the base to reach maximum savings potential, we need the support of those who live, work and play on base. Whether it is shutting off lights before leaving a room, unplugging appliances or reporting facility problems to facility managers, everyone can play a critical role in helping Hanscom reduce our energy and water consumption.

In September 2016, Hanscom awarded an energy- savings performance contract that will allow the base to use a third-party vendor, who specializes in energy- savings measures, to install a 4.6MW Combined Heat and Power Plant, LED lighting and boiler upgrades. This project will save Hanscom approximately $3 million a year over the 21.5-year finance term.

The Hanscom Energy Management team is currently working on a request for proposal with Air Force Civil Engineer Center and Defense Logistics Agency to install a 2 to 4MW photovoltaics system to meet renewable energy goals. The system would also bring the base in line with executive orders, the Energy Policy Act and Air Force requirements.

To further reduce energy consumption and cost, CE, in cooperation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory, reconfigured and shut down the west steam loop throughout the summer of 2017. This new initiative allowed CE to run the steam system using only a fraction of the boilers normally used to operate the system, resulting in an energy savings of approximately $400,000.

The significant savings have prompted CE to make this an annual energy savings measure. The west steam loop reconfiguration and shutdown is scheduled to take place from mid-May to mid-September each year.

Throughout October, every member of Team Hanscom is encouraged to be aware of the energy they consume on a daily basis and find ways to conserve energy and water. A kilowatt of electricity or a gallon of water saved today means that more of these critical resources will be available tomorrow. Take time this month to identify actions that can save energy, money and the environment.

To better educate Team Hanscom on energy-savings measures, the Energy Management Team will be holding events during the month of October. An event will take place at the Base Exchange Oct. 11 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

CE continues to look for ways to reduce Hanscom’s energy footprint year round. Those with energy- saving ideas or those who want to report energy or water waste are encouraged to email members of the Energy Management Team at chinh.phan.2@us.af.mil or brian.noury@us.af.mil.