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Straight Talk: Fourth Cliff adds disabled veterans category

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. – In this latest Straight Talk, I will address a question submitted by a disabled veteran asking about the reservation order at Fourth Cliff Family Recreation Area.

Q I am a 100 percent service connected disabled veteran. During a recent visit to Fourth Cliff to see what it was like, I was surprised to learn that disabled American veterans are listed last on the reservation availability. I am submitting this question with the hopes that the reservation policy can be reviewed and amended for disabled veterans with a 100 percent disability.

A Thank you for the opportunity to address this topic. I asked my Force Support Squadron to take a look at your input, and following their review, we’ve added a reservation category specifically for disabled veterans with 100 percent disability. This category provides access to reservations 10 days in advance of DOD civilians and contractors.

I appreciate your input and hope you get a chance to stay at Fourth Cliff in the future.

Thank you for the question. If you have a question and are not sure where to find the answer, I encourage you to contact the Straight Talk line at 781-225-1380 or by email at Hanscom.straightalk@us.af.mil.