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Straight Talk: Use of outdoor fitness bubble

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. – In this Straight Talk, I will address the outdoor fitness bubble and its use by base personnel.

Q It seems people use the tennis bubble for activities other than playing tennis. When reserved for a function, there is generally little or no notice given, making it difficult to schedule tennis play. Is it possible to balance the use of the facility for those other activities with tennis?

A Thank you for bringing up your concern regarding the use of the outdoor fitness bubble. Hanscom AFB has limited facilities for unit physical training, mission needs and base-wide events.

This facility, known as the tennis bubble, is designed to meet various community needs as a multipurpose facility. The bubble is used for not only tennis, but also unit physical training twice daily and is a key facility for force protection, anti-terrorism and medical training.

The benefit of this facility is it is one structure that can support large crowds for mission requirements and community events.

We will continue to advertise facility usage and post information on the special programs hosted in the bubble at the Fitness and Sports Center front desk and on the doors of the outdoor fitness bubble. Currently more than 85 percent of the time the bubble is used for open tennis play and, when not being used for a special event/function, it is open 24 hours.

For further information on the fitness bubble, as well as the Fitness Center, visit https://www.hanscomfss.com/FitnessandSportsCenter.php.  

Thank you for the question. If you have a question and are not sure where to find the answer, I encourage you to contact the Straight Talk line at 781-225-1380 or by email at Hanscom.straightalk@us.af.mil.