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Rideshare survey now underway

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. – The Hanscom Commuter Management Office is conducting an anonymous and voluntary survey through the end of November for employees who commute here for work.

The annual Clean Air Act survey complies with a Massachusetts regulation that requires large employers, including Hanscom, to survey employees on an annual basis.

“Hanscom is required by the Commonwealth to conduct an annual commuting survey of all personnel working at the base,” said Scott Sheehan, an environmental engineer with 66th Civil Engineering Division. “The survey asks general questions about your commute to the installation and takes no more than three to four minutes to complete.”

Employees can find the survey at the startup screen when they log into the Air Force network or at https://org2.eis.af.mil/sites/21911/CE/Lists/2017HanscomAnnualCleanAirActSurvey/overview.aspx.  

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection carries out the Massachusetts Rideshare regulation, which is a statewide air quality regulation to reduce air pollution and to achieve and maintain health-based federal air quality standards.

The survey consists of 15 questions, including how employees commute to work and gauging interest in vanpool and carpool commuting options. The survey also provides employees with an option to sign up for more information.

“Our office is continuously seeking ways to identify available commuting options and set goals for reducing drive-alone trips,” Sheehan said. “The results of this survey may help our office grow the number of commuting options that employees have access to.”

Other ways personnel can learn more about commuting options available to them is through the Hanscom Commuter Management Office SharePoint page.

“By reducing the amount of drive-alone trips, base employees will help Massachusetts reduce air pollution, traffic congestion and spending on road construction and repair projects,” said Sheehan. “Federal employees are also eligible for a stipend to cover commuting costs.”

To learn more about the Hanscom commuter program, visit https://cs2.eis.af.mil/sites/22388/commuter/default.aspx.

For further information about the annual Clean Air Act survey, contact Sheehan at 781-225-6144 or John Tamvaklis at 781-225-6151.