Hanscom SFS enforces curfew, loitering policy

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Ira M. Sollace
  • 66th Security Forces Squadron
HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. -- With warmer weather nearly here, the 66th Security Forces Squadron would like to remind the community of the base’s curfew and loitering policy.

The policy applies to all juveniles ages 17 years and younger on the installation, including FamCamp.

The curfew at Hanscom AFB is Sunday through Thursday from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. On Friday, Saturday and the night before a federal holiday, the curfew is midnight to 6 a.m.

This curfew’s enforcement is required for all parents, legal guardians and sponsors of military family members and their guests.

Juveniles found outside of their residence during curfew hours are in violation unless they are:

- Accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
- Attending or returning directly home from a school, civic or base-sponsored function
- Traveling directly home after work or traveling directly to their place of employment

If a military-affiliated juvenile is in violation of the curfew policy, SFS will attempt to contact the parent or legal guardian. In the absence of a parent or legal guardian, the juvenile may be released to an adult relative or a command representative of the same sex willing to accept responsibility for custody of the juvenile.

For non-military-affiliated juveniles, SFS will make all reasonable attempts to contact a sponsor or legal guardian for the juvenile. In the absence of a sponsor or legal guardian, the juvenile may be released to a responsible adult of the same sex who is willing to accept responsibility for the juvenile; this may include civilian law enforcement personnel.

A person will be loitering within the limits of Hanscom AFB, including at FamCamp, when:

- Failing or refusing to leave when lawfully ordered to do so by SFS members in the performance of their official duties
- When determined to be sitting idle or loitering upon any pavement, sidewalk, crosswalk or parking lot or if found to be with others and hindering free and convenient access for others.

There are two loitering free zones on base: the gazebo between Building 1531 and Building 1530, not including the Shoppette parking lot, as well as the Skate Park located behind the Base Clinic, not including the Child Development Center parking lot or the Medical Clinic gazebo.

According to the base policy, the first loitering violation is a warning. The second, and any additional violations, may result in the loss of certain base privileges, removal from family housing and/or debarment from Hanscom AFB.

A curfew/loitering violation letter will be issued in all instances of identified curfew violation or loitering.

As always, the goal of the 66 SFS is to ensure the safety and security of all Team Hanscom personnel and their guests.

For more information on the curfew and loitering policy, contact 66 SFS Police Services at 781-225-5605.