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Straight Talk: Parking, childcare and more

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. – In this week’s Straight Talk, I will answer your questions and comments about base facilities, parking, childcare, base events and more.

Q. Parking: Is there a plan for a parking garage and covered motorcycle parking spaces on base?

A. Civil Engineers have long-term plans that include parking garages in future military construction projects. Unfortunately, there is no plan for covered motorcycle parking other than the potential for a parking garage.

Q. Facilities: Is it possible to fumigate buildings for pest control?

A. As always, you should first contact your facility manager regarding building issues. That individual will then report the problem to Civil Engineer Pest Management to address a pest problem.

Q. Facilities: Is it possible to install a handicap ramp to the sidewalk near the entrance of Building 1606?

A. A handicap ramp is included in a fiscal year 2019 project that will bring the facility into compliance with the Architectural Barriers Act.

Q. Ground Maintenance: Can you fix the base clinic parking lot? There are a lot of depressions and cracks.

A. We awarded $220,000 in fiscal year 2018 for improvements to parking areas near the clinic. We also awarded a contract for fiscal year 2024 and two in fiscal year 2026 to repave parking areas around the clinic.

Q. Base Gas Station: Is it possible for the gas station to become 24/7?

A. Army and Air Force Exchange Service officials are in early design to move the Class VI and gas station to a new facility in front of the Base Exchange. This facility will include a 24/7 pay-at-the-pump capability. We hope this project will be completed in the next two or three years.

Q. Food Options: Is it possible to add a Starbucks on base?

A. At this time, there is no plan to add a Starbucks at Hanscom AFB.

Q. Child care: Can an Airman have priority at the Child Development Center? Some have been on the waiting list for more than a year and cannot afford off-base child care rates.

A. The Department of Defense establishes child care priorities for all branches of service. Staffing limitations within the center have resulted in longer waiting times for care. We encourage members of the workforce to use the Family Child Care program as well as off-base care that can be subsidized via Child Care Aware of America.

Q. Events: Can we have more organized events for military, contractor and civilians to get together?

A. Unit action officers plan unit morale events. The 66th Force Support Squadron will soon fill the vacancy for a unit cohesion manager to assist organizations with planning and coordinating cohesion activities.

Q. Base Sports: The intramural sports program is sparse. We have not had a flag football league in three years and the softball league has only four teams.

A. Hanscom offers up to seven intramural sports a year, which is more than the required four sports. Officials offer flag football and softball leagues every year, but low participation has resulted in a limited league or no league at all. Each unit has the opportunity to assign a unit sports representative. To find out who your unit sports representative is or to volunteer, please contact your first sergeant.

Again, thank you for sharing your questions. I encourage you to funnel comments through your chain of command or send to my team directly at hanscom.straighttalk@us.af.mil.  

Stay tuned as we will continue sharing answers to your questions. I am committed to making Hanscom the benchmark for the Air Force to work and live.