Digital Directorate personnel earn top AFLCMC engineering awards

  • Published
  • By K. Houston Waters
  • 66 Air Base Group Public Affairs

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. – Three members of the Digital Directorate, headquartered here, won 2020 individual Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Engineering Awards during a virtual ceremony Feb. 18.

Amber Gilbert of the Strategic Warning and Surveillance Systems Division at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, won the Engineering Director’s Award. Second Lt. Timothy Emeott of Detachment 12, Kessel Run, headquartered in Boston, won for Engineering Support. Tony “Scoop” Jarry of the Aerospace Dominance Enabler Division, Hill Air Force Base, Utah, was honored with the Fredrick T. Rall Lifetime Achievement Award.

“I am very proud of our exceptional team who work tirelessly to get new technology into warfighters’ hands quickly,” said Steve Falcone, director of engineering, Digital Directorate.

Over the past year, Gilbert led the deployment of over $21 million worth of radar components to four combatant commands, resulting in a significant increase in weapons system reliability. Her efforts supported the Upgraded Early Warning Radar’s ten-year technical roadmap, a cost-cutting measure expected to save more than a billion dollars over the next 20 years.

The measure is also expected to increase system capabilities by nearly 40 percent, said Falcone.

“It’s really exciting to see our sustainment efforts acknowledged at the highest levels,” said Gilbert. “Our team really pours their hearts into keeping these electronic warfare systems alive and capable of performing their critical, 24/7 national security mission. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have an awesome team doing a fantastic job day in and day out.”

In 2020, Emeott led a twelve-member team as the acquisition lead for KRADOS, a Kessel Run all-domain operations suite. As a program manager, he also maintained a $78 million Air Operations Center Weapons System portfolio directly supporting in-theater combat operations in the Middle East.

“It’s just so great to see what’s happening at Kessel Run is being recognized,” said Emeott. “Acquisition and engineering are typically siloed functions, so this win is a testament to what we’re doing, which is actively trying to break down those silos and get the best results possible.”  

As a 19-year Air Force veteran, Emeott had some advice for new acquisition officers just starting out their careers.

“In order to break the mold, you have learn as much as you can about the way industry is currently doing things,” he said. “Consume as much information as you can, find out how industry is doing it, then make the changes necessary to be more competitive.”

In 2021, Emeott and his team are assessing new and creative ways to improve current contracting strategies.

Twenty-four years of test, engineering, and program management experience, coupled with 21 years of active duty service as an Air Force officer in the same field, earned Tony “Scoop” Jarry the Fredrick T. Rall Lifetime Achievement Award.

Since Jan. 1, 2005, Jarry has worked to develop, test, and sustain joint and Air Force acquisition programs. As engineering branch chief, Jarry reduced B-52 conventional and nuclear test training for new engineers from two years to two months.

He also drove modifications to the $750 million T-38 Propulsion Modernization Program to eliminate engine fires on 456 Air Education and Training Command jets. Jarry also served as lead engineer on a team providing remote visual awareness to Air Force Global Strike Command, enabling 24/7 overwatch to numerous strategic weapon system sites.

“All the great leaders, mentors, teammates and relationships we build in this business contribute to our successes, both personal and professional,” said Jarry. “Their influence in my life made the difference. This award is a reflection of all those people who invested in me to push harder and be better than I ever believed I could be. We never get far without each other.”

AFLCMC Engineering Award winners will go on to compete at the Air Force Materiel Command level.