MDS celebrates Biomedical Sciences Corps

  • Published
  • By Maj. Stela Striligas
  • 66th Medical Squadron

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. -- The Air Force and 66th Medical Squadron celebrate the 59th anniversary of the Biomedical Sciences Corps by designating the week of Jan. 22-26 as BSC Appreciation Week. 

This week honors the heritage of the BSC while recognizing the achievements and continuing efforts of the men and women who comprise this diverse corps.

The BSC’s historical footprint date back to 1917, when the Army Sanitary Corps was established to combat infectious diseases. In 1949, the Air Force Medical Service was officially established. Then in 1965, the BSC was created to consolidate the medical specialist corps, medical scientists, allied health specialists and the veterinary corps. Since then, the BSC has continued to play an important role in healthcare delivery throughout the Air Force.

The BSC is the most diverse corps within the Air Force Medical Service, consisting of 17 distinct Air Force Specialty Codes. 

The careers represented at Hanscom AFB are optometry, physician assistant, clinical psychology, clinical social work, bioenvironmental engineering, public health, pharmacy, physical therapy and biomedical laboratory. 

Along with these designated officer positions, there are civilian and enlisted medical professionals that are also highlighted and recognized throughout the week. The enlisted BSC professions at Hanscom AFB include optometry technicians, mental health technicians, bioenvironmental engineering technicians, public health technicians, pharmacy technicians, and medical laboratory technicians.

Throughout 2023, 66 MDS BSC personnel have gone above and beyond their typical roles to lead  efforts in support of the integration and arrival of the new Military Electronic Health system, known as MHS-Genesis, while continuing to deliver excellent medical care. 

The Laboratory team is crucial for conducting labs ensuring members are prepared to deploy and tests patients for COVID-19 with new rapid testing technologies. 

The Public Health team has worked to prevent the spread of infectious disease and were an integral asset during 2022’s base power outage, which affected various food facilities here.

The Bioenvironmental Engineering team optimizes worker health and safety by assessing occupational hazards, serving as the installation’s radiation safety experts. Additionally, these individuals monitor drinking water quality and provide in-depth health risk assessments to unit commanders for all their employees exposed to hazards in the workplace.

Pharmacists and their techs led the dispensing of 50,000 prescriptions in 2023. 

Patients to the 66th Medical Squadron may have been directly impacted from BSC personnel seeing patients. Physician assistants remain a critical asset to Operational and Family Health teams in providing the best patient care.

Optometry provides necessary eye exams.

The Mental Health team has expanded their workshops and groups to eight offerings to ensure all service members can have weekly treatment options available when needed.

Join the Air Force, Hanscom AFB and the 66 MDS in celebrating the 59th anniversary of the BSC this week, honoring the heritage of the corps, and recognizing the many contributions of these outstanding men and women. Their continuing efforts help improve the organization, bring innovation, provide trusted medical care, and support our most vital asset -- Airmen.