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Base command chief reflects on ‘warrior ethos’

Hanscom AFB -- Command Chief Master Sgt. Lisa Sirois, Electronic Systems Center and 66th Air Base Wing command chief, attended a Noncommissioned Officer Forum at Bolling Air Force Base, Washington D.C., recently. 

At this conference, Air Force leadership emphasized the importance of instilling a warrior ethos mindset among all Airmen. The warrior ethos perspective discussed at the forum is strong among base personnel, despite the fact that Hanscom's contributions to the operational mission of the Air Force mission are not always obvious because the base doesn't have aircraft assigned to it, the chief said. 

Regardless of their functional area, "Our Airmen at Hanscom are absolutely in the fight, serving this great nation -- from both home and abroad," she said. "Look around and make a mental connection of how our Airmen contribute to our warfighting mission. Our security forces warriors have been routinely deploying into harm's way for several years now -- six to eight months out, and back for a few before they're gone again." 

Chief Sirois defined warrior ethos as, "Airmen's 'attitude' about how they think, feel and approach our Air Force's mission to fly, fight and win America's wars. "It's knowing that no matter what the task is or nature of a specific mission at Hanscom that all efforts are in the name of our United States Air Force warfighter," she said.

The chief also encouraged Airmen to know the Chief of Staff of the Air Force's view of warrior ethos -- to have a hardiness of spirit and moral and physical courage. The presenters at the NCO forum emphasized the importance of Airmen being willing to share their stories with others. 

"We must know our Air Force story and we must tell it," Chief Sirois said. "We must stay in our own lane, but we need to be sharing our Air Force experiences with the public, and if we don't feel comfortable with this switch in media philosophy, we should contact our local public affairs office for media training." 

One public expression of the Air Force's warrior emphasis will be a 'new' heritage service coat. The coat, which is reminiscent of World War II-era uniform jacket, will serve as a reminder of the Air Force's proud heritage, which will stimulate a warrior pride among Airmen, Chief Sirois said.

"We've all heard that saying, 'look good, feel good,' and the same goes for the 'Warrior Ethos' -- a uniform that projects a military image, will unquestionably, in my opinion, display a warrior mindset," the chief said. 

"If you don't know where you've been, you won't know how you got here." When asked about further changes to the uniforms, Chief Sirois said, that it is about military image. 

"Have you ever worn your service dress in the airport and had someone come up to you and ask for directions or guidance on an airport or airline issue?

 "All you can do is respond, 'Ma'am or Sir, I don't work here, but let me see if I can get someone to help you.' By wearing the new uniform, Airmen will be able to outwardly display for the world their strong, determined warrior spirit, she said.