Straight Talk: Organizational and force structure changes coming

  • Published
  • By Col. Stacy L. Yike
  • 66th Air Base Group commander
By now, you have probably seen the news from the Air Force and Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) about the organizational and force structure changes coming our way. These changes have been driven by Pentagon-directed budget reduction efforts and almost every organization across the Department of Defense has been impacted.

But what does this mean here at Hanscom AFB? First, I want to assure you that the vital mission capability developed right here at Hanscom will continue to ensure that DoD forces around the globe have the information capability they need to fight our wars. While organizational charts may change and some staffing levels will be reduced, your effort to put these systems in the field remains critical to the Air Force mission.

In addition to changing organizational structures, the Air Force recognizes that the needs of Airmen and their families are evolving. Today's military members identify their community needs differently than previous generations. To better serve the force, all Air Force bases will be assessing which services are most vital in their particular community. Here at Hanscom we will be partnering with our local communities to identify how to provide the best services to our military members, both on and off the base. And we will need to reduce or even eliminate some of the current capabilities that we believe are less critical for our Hanscom Team. This sort of effort requires inputs from all of you on what are the most vital services that my base installation team offers to each of you who lives, works and plays on Hanscom AFB.

Please note, none of our services will be impacted immediately. The Commissary and Base Exchange will still be open, as will the Medical Clinic. We will publicize widely any changes well before they occur and we will be seeking your input to help us make the best decisions possible for Hanscom. Be assured that Hanscom will continue to provide the very best services of any base in the Air Force.

In times of uncertainty, anxiety tends to run high so it is important for people to ask questions and to better understand how these changes impact you. I am sure I won't have all the answers, but I know you will talk to your supervisor, your leadership, civilian personnel and even write in to Straight Talk to get the answers you are looking for. To learn more about how some of these organizational and force structure changes effect you and your family, visit and click on the Air Force and AFMC articles and check back frequently for updates.